Humane Party Nominates Vegan Presidential Candidate

Clifton Roberts has joined the presidential race, saying he would represent the “70 billion non-human animals” exploited yearly in American agribusiness.

On November 1, 18-year vegan and Humane Party CEO Clifton Roberts announced his candidacy for president of the United States. In a YouTube video, Roberts cites his motivation to lead a change that includes not just human beings. “I’m the voice of over 70 billion non-human animals that are tortured and murdered every year on our lands,” he says. “I am a voice of the Humane Party, a party that offers you, me, our non-human animal friends, and citizens—that are naive or unaware of the issues it addresses and the solutions it offers—an inspired and refreshing platform ... A platform to live by, and a platform that I would surely die for.” Roberts stepped in as the CEO of the Humane Party in May 2015 and has since helped to further the party’s commitment to ensuring equality under the law; cultivating excellence in education; ending unsound criminal investigation, trial, sentencing, and incarceration systems; banning all GMOs; and enhancing national security while eliminating practices that create profit motive to engage in war. The party launched in 2009 and requires candidates, officers, and board members to execute a written oath pledging not to consume or use any product or service that includes animal parts or secretions. His campaign marks the first-ever nomination made by the six-year-old political party.

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