Millennials Shun Big Macs

McDonald's determined that only one in five millennials have tried a Big Mac.

A recent memo amongst McDonald’s executives stated that only one in five millennials has ever tried their signature Big Mac burger. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), burger sales at the chain have been stagnant for several years, forcing McDonald’s to implement programs such as all-day breakfast to bring back their customer base. McDonald’s is struggling to find relevance amongst customers who want the fast-food giant to offer better quality food but at a similar cost, and without increasing wait time at the drive-thru window. Competitor chain Wendy’s—which developed a black bean-based veggie burger to answer consumer demands for a meatless option—is faring much better than McDonald’s, according to WSJ. While millennials are abstaining from Big Macs at McDonalds, the vegan Big MacInnes (the animal-free counterpart of the iconic burger) sold out at Canada’s largest barbeque festival earlier this year.

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