Potato-Based Vegan Cheese Developed in Australia

Andrew Dyhin's "chato" tastes, shreds, and melts like dairy cheese while making use of would-be wasted potatoes.

Australian Andrew Dyhin has developed “chato,” his version of vegan cheese made from potatoes. Dyhin has been developing the product through his company Potato Magic for 12 years and says it melts, shreds, and tastes similar to dairy-based cheese, and does not contain added coloring as its hue is derived from the potatoes he uses. “It’s much lower in kilojoules (calories) and very eco-friendly [because] we don’t need a cow to produce this cheese,” Dyhin says. Potato waste is a problem in Australia and Dyhin hopes to address it by repurposing would-be wasted potatoes into desirable consumer products. The innovator is currently seeking investments and partnerships to make chato available to consumers. As demonstrated by vegan companies and innovators around the world, vegan cheese can be made from coconut, a wide variety of tree nuts, soy, rice, and now potatoes. Will Dyhin market his potato-based vegan cheese as “Gary”? Only time will tell.

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