Vegan Chocolatier Makes Skulls for Bones Wrap Party

Lagusta's Luscious used over 1,500 pieces of chocolate to create 300 skulls at the request of long-time customer, vegan, and actress Emily Deschanel.

New York-based vegan confections company Lagusta’s Luscious catered the wrap party of popular television series Bones last week. Long-time customer and Bones actress Emily Deschanel asked the company’s owner Lagusta Yearwood to create a unique dessert spread for the party, which included almost 300 white and dark chocolate skulls. Yearwood tells VegNews she worked with a 3D-printing lab at the State University of New York in New Paltz to create the skulls, which were then filled with 1,500 pieces of chocolate, sealed with melted chocolate glue, and some were hand-dipped in 50 pounds of vegan white chocolate. Yearwood went vegan 25 years ago and says crafting artisan chocolate is her form of activism. “It’s always great to show non-vegans that vegan chocolates can be just as fun and decadent as ones made with milk and eggs,” Yearwood says. The chocolatier explains that her line of work is “a way to gently convince people that being vegan isn’t scary or hard,” adding, “you don’t have to give up nice things in order to not participate in the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries.” In May, Yearwood partnered with vegan macaroon company Sweet Maresa to open vegan treats shop Confectionary in New York’s Lower East Side.

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