Harley Quinn Smith Treats Famous Father to Vegan Meal

Harley Quinn Smith and director dad Kevin Smith dine at LA's Doomie's Home Cookin' and chat compassion.

Young actress Harley Quinn Smith and her father, famed director Kevin Smith, recently shared a meal at Los Angeles vegan restaurant Doomie’s Home Cookin’. The outing was documented with a video as part of a new campaign, #CompassionateMeal—launched by non-profit organization Farm Sanctuary—with the intent of inspiring vegans to introduce compassionate meals to non-vegan friends. While dining with her father, the 17-year-old revealed that she had been a vegetarian for several years before realizing that “there is no sense in not going all the way,” and eight months ago adopted a vegan diet. Kevin Smith responded jokingly, stating, “It’s about the only time a dad wants to hear his daughter say ‘there’s no sense in not going all the way.” While Kevin Smith was skeptical about sampling vegan food, after biting into a pulled “pork” sandwich, the director found it “100 percent convincing,” saying, “if this is being vegan, I [could] get my head around it.”

Photo courtesy of @smasherbrown

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