East Coast Pizza Chain Adds Vegan Cheese

Eight locations of Coal Fire pizza shop will now cater to vegans thanks to a push by animal-rights organization Vegan Outreach.

This week, east coast pizza chain Coal Fire added a vegan cheese option to the menus at all eight of its locations across Maryland and Virginia. The pizza chain agreed to add vegan cheese from Daiya Foods to the menu after Taylor Radig, Campaigns Manager for animal-rights organization Vegan Outreach, worked with the company for several months. “Coal Fire makes it a priority to have different options for all types of food lovers,” Coal Fire’s Marketing Director Lindsay King said. “We pride ourselves on now offering Daiya cheese and hope that our vegan clients are pleased with the new option on our menu.” Vegan customers can now order a variety of vegan pizzas (on a gluten-free crust, as the regular crust is not vegan) topped with Daiya pizza blend cheese and a wide selection of vegetables. “A big company like Coal Fire adding a vegan option makes it more accessible to the public,” Radig told VegNews. “It encourages people to make a transition to a plant-based diet.” On the west coast, Canadian-import Virtuous Pie opened its first US-based all-vegan, two-story pizza shop in Portland, OR this month.

Photo courtesy of Daiya Foods

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