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Ethical Vegan Sex

To get the lowdown on ethical sex, read VN's guide on how to put the "passion" back into compassion.

In the age of stretchy cheese, scrumptious chick'n filets, and fashionable manmade shoes, it's about time the sex industry caught up with humane alternatives. While most intimacy items found on drugstore shelves fail cruelty-free standards, there are many great options available online for conscious consumers.

Condom Sense
One of the best ways to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STDs is to use a condom, but the traditional processing of latex involves casein, a milk protein. Fortunately there are several cruelty-free safe-sex alternatives on the market. Founded in Australia in 1990, vegan prophylactics and dental dam innovator Glyde has long since gone stateside with its ethical offerings. Particularly impressive is Glyde's line of fruit-extract-flavored condoms in strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and wild berry. While Glyde paved the way, newer companies, such as RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) and Natural Sensation, have emerged to give consumers more options. Despite the uncomfortable cartoon packaging on RFSU's products, they offer a wide selection of condoms, including one for increased sensitivity. For a non-latex option check out Natural Sensation's condoms, made with synthetic resin. To try any one of these on for size, head over to one-stop online shop Vegan Essentials.

Contraception Conundrum
Veg women need to be especially careful when choosing a contraceptive since most hormone-based varieties, like the pill, patch, and implant, contain animal-derived ingredients and have been tested on animals. Oral contraceptives such as Lybrel and Lo Ovral, produced by pharmacy giant Wyeth, contain lactose. The good news is that Pfizer's Depo-provera, a contraceptive injection, is in the clear (though its other products contain lactose and magnesium stearate). Representatives from Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceutical, Inc., manufacturers of the widely available Ortho-Evra contraceptive patch, confirmed that its product is also free from animal-derived ingredients.

Behind Closed Doors
Once the issue of contraception is sorted out, it's safe to set the mood. Since aromas can aid in arousal, invest in some soy-wax candles. Choices abound over at A Scent of Scandal, where sophisticated scent combinations come with clever names, such as "Morning Wood," a mix of sandalwood and amber, and "original sin," which blends fig leaves, lemons, dates, coconut, and musk. If candles don't do the trick, try out some eco-friendly perfumes and colognes. Pacifica's line of spray perfumes, especially the woody and resine fragrances, are perfect for getting-and keeping-attention. Men looking to find sensuous, eco-friendly products should explore the selection at Herban Cowboy. For the best in cruelty- and friction-free togetherness, The Sensual Vegan, a VN award-winning adult online store, offers a great selection of lubricants and toys. A classic and simple choice would be the flavorless Yes organic lube. To spice things up, check out one of Hathor Aphrodisia's flavored lubricants, in hazelnut caramel, coconut orange, or chocolate strawberry.

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