Vegan Butcher Throws Bottomless BBQ Buffet

A Guam-themed vegan feast of eating will be hosted by the sibling-duo behind The Herbivorous Butcher to pay homage to their homeland.

On July 30, vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher will host the All You Can Eat Vegan Chamorro BBQ Buffet at local restaurant/bar Red Stag Supperclub in Minneapolis, MN. The event is inspired by the heritage of The Herbivorous Butcher’s co-founders, sibling team Kale and Aubry Walch, who originally hail from Guam. “There are many Chamorros in the United States,” Aubry Walch tells VegNews, “but for some reason the cuisine hasn't made it to the mainland, so we feel it's important to showcase the flavors of Guam as often as we can. Barbecues on Guam are so special because they show how beautiful the hearts of the islanders are.” The event will feature three plant-based barbecued meats (chicken, ribs, and steak) and traditional dishes such as macaroni salad, Chicken Kelaguen (chicken and coconut salad), and Tatiyas (sweet coconut flatbread). The barbecue is a fundraiser that will benefit The Herbivorous Butcher’s upcoming non-profit farmed animal-rescue organization The Herbivorous Acres. The vegan butcher shop will match $5,000 raised during the event to help the sanctuary reach its funding goal of $100,000 by September 1.

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