Vegan Beyond Burger Expands to 600 Kroger Stores

The plant-based patty triples its distribution and is now available in the meat aisle in 1,300 stores nationwide.

Vegan company Beyond Meat announced today that its famed Beyond Burger will now be available at 600 Kroger (and Kroger-owned) supermarkets across the country. Following Beyond Burger’s expansion to 260 Safeway stores this May (in addition to its availability at select Whole Foods Markets nationwide), the vegan patty is now sold in the meat department at 1,300 supermarkets across the country. "We are grateful to see Kroger place the Beyond Burger in the meat aisle," Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said, "where consumers are accustomed to shopping for burgers and believe this is an important step in broadening the way people think about, and define, meat." The plant-based “bleeding” burger first debuted in a Colorado Whole Foods Market last year and sold out in approximately one hour. Brown has ambitious plans for his popular burger in the coming years and says that expanding its distribution channels will help bring the current price ($5.99 for two patties) down to be competitive with animal-based burgers. As for availability in the service sector, Beyond Burger is currently featured on the menu of expanding vegan chain Veggie Grill, Chicago chain Epic Burger, vegan eatery Next Level Burger, nationwide movie theater Alamo Drafthouse, and all dining halls at Yale University.

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