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London’s First Zero-Waste Market Opens in September

Zero Mkt Ldn will be London’s first all-vegan, zero-waste, non-profit initiative aiming to bring plant-based food, plastic, and clothing alternatives to the community.


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Seychelles Lifts 25 Percent Tax on Plant-Based Milk

The island nation off of East Africa has lifted its tax on plant-based milk in order to encourage healthy habits.


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Hospital-Scented Meat Candles Debut for Father’s Day

PETA will launch hospital-scented candles in response to meat-scented candles created by condiment brand A.1. Sauce.


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Is Vegan Walnut Cheese the Next Big Thing?

Increased demand, production, and application could position the versatile and nutrient-dense walnut for significant growth this year.


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Crayfish Hacks Off Claw to Escape Being Boiled Alive

A restaurant-goer captures a desperate act by a crayfish in a restaurant in China.



Climber Scales Fourth Largest Mountain with Vegan Gear

Vegan mountaineer Kuntal Joisher successfully climbed Mount Lhotse with the help of all-vegan gear supplied by clothing brand Save the Duck.


Market Trends

Pizza Chain Becomes First in Asia to Offer Vegan Cheese

Pizza Express adds three new vegan pies featuring Daiya Foods cheese to its Sai Ying Pun location.



Vegan-Friendly Pizza Slice Shop to Open in NYC

Popular pizzeria Paulie Gee’s—which only offers whole pies—will launch a vegan-friendly New York-style slice shop in Brooklyn.


Festivals + Events

Sacramento to Host Month-Long Vegan Burger Battle

Chefs across Sacramento will go head-to-head to win the first-ever city-wide vegan burger challenge.



Häagen-Dazs Debuts Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream Locator

Iconic ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs’ locator allows vegan ice cream lovers to locate its non-dairy flavors across the US.



Innovators Create Oil-Repellent Vegan Leather

Researchers develop a new type of synthetic leather that is self-cleaning, non-sticky, and liquid repellent.


Today's Top Stories

Vegan Taco Voted as Best in All of Los Angeles

Voters champion Taqueria La Venganza’s soy-based ”meat” tacos as Los Angeles’ favorite taco during the city’s annual Taco Madness event.

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