Staying fit doesn’t have to mean boring, old leggings and giant, ratty T-shirts as you begrudgingly try to get your steps in for the day. In fact, finding fun new outfits to show off might actually make getting to your next workout or pilates class that much easier. But what to do when you don’t want to compromise your ethical beliefs for a cute Insta-worthy fit? Turn to VegNews, of course! 

With ethical labor practices, post-consumer recycled materials, and responsible sourcing, these activewear brands prove style doesn’t need to take the backburner when it comes to sustainability. So whether you’re strength training (did you know vegans who lift weights have better bone strength?), sauntering off to a yoga class (add these dreamy yoga retreats to your bucket list), or just running errands, looking stylish just got a lot more ethical with these five sustainable brands. 

VegNews.SustainableActivewear.GirlfriendCollectiveGirlfriend Collective

1 Girlfriend Collective

To ensure full transparency, Girlfriend Collective sends a sustainability report with each garment purchased. With fibers derived from plastic water bottles, you can rest easy knowing you’re making an eco-conscious choice. The athleisure brand’s matching sets in trendy colors like moss green and plum come in everything from leggings to skorts, so you can look stylish whether you’re heading to yoga or playing golf. 
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Biker shorts, sports bras, and stretch leggings are all staples in an athlete’s wardrobe, so why not make them as non-toxic and organic as possible so they last a lifetime? Women-owned MATE even goes so far as to eliminate polyester, nylon, and polyamide from their products while also using low-impact dyes that require less water. 
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VegNews.SustainableActivewear.OrganicBasicsOrganic Basics

3 Organic Basics

Organic Basics is committed to cleaning up the fashion industry by working with certified fair-labor factories. Its sustainable clothing is created using natural, recycled, biodegradable textiles, and a Polygiene coating—a fabric treatment made from recycled silver salt that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria—so you can stay fresh and wash workout garments less.
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VegNews.SustainableActivewear.OutdoorVoicesOutdoor Voices

4 Outdoor Voices

Whether hiking mountains or running errands, you’ll look cute with this athleisure brand’s versatile pieces. From lightweight exercise dresses in fun prints to soft-as-can-be bike shorts, Outdoor Voices sources sustainable, durable textiles to ensure its clothing sees a lifetime of activities.
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5 Wolven

From versatile four-way tank tops in bright prints to matching leggings woven with post-consumer recycled plastic, planet-friendly apparel brand Wolven knows ethical doesn’t have to equal boring. Plus, the Los Angeles-based company removes one pound of plastic waste from the ocean with each purchase. 
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