Without a doubt, the sneaker brand Løci is a celebrity favorite. From Leonardo DiCaprio (who is actually an investor in the brand) to Ben Affleck to Kristen Bell and Robert Downey Jr. A-listers just can’t seem to get enough of Løci. But why all the fuss? It turns out that this London-based brand doesn’t just make great, comfy sneakers, but it also uses sustainable and vegan materials. And that’s a big tick in our book. Here’s more about Løci, its celebrity fanbase, and some of our favorite sneaker picks

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What is the Løci brand?

Løci is already incredibly popular, but it’s actually still a relatively new brand in the sneaker market. It was founded in 2020 by Frank Eribo and Philippe Homsy, who were concerned about the amount of animal products used in the fashion industry. The shoe sector, in particular, is reliant on the leather industry, which is linked with deforestation, rising emissions, and the slaughter of millions of animals every year. 

Eribo and Homsy decided it was time to create sustainable, ethical sneakers that wouldn’t impact the environment in the same way. “We wanted to create a premium vegan alternative, where customers wouldn’t have to compromise on style or quality,” they told Soho House. 

With that in mind, the brand makes all of its products with eco-conscious materials, like corn leather, recycled plastic, and cork, in ethically run factories in Portugal, where every worker earns a living wage. The collections are also produced in small drops to reduce waste, and each purchase gives back to the environment—10 percent of all profits are donated to marine conservation nonprofits.

Who wears Løci sneakers?

Løci’s sustainability focus and its top-quality sneaker design have turned it into a hit with celebrities. Some of its most famous fans include those mentioned above, plus Sophie Turner, Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis, Nikki Reed, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Olivia Wilde, Lucy Hale, and Nicki Minaj, who recently partnered with the brand on her own exclusive collection with 11 versatile styles.

DiCaprio also announced his investment in the brand just over a year after it launched. “I am proud to be an investor in Løci,” the A-list actor and environmentalist said in a statement. “[It’s] a brand dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact, and centered around creating cruelty-free, ethical footwear.”

Speaking to Forbes, Homsy praised DiCaprio’s decision to invest. “Today, sustainability is one of the most used buzzwords,” he told the publication. “We want Løci to cut through the noise and be judged by our impact. Through education, innovation, and donations, we’ve built a business model that is driven by our passion. With Leo, we could not have hoped for a more genuine and committed partner.”

The best vegan sneakers from Løci 

It’s celeb-approved, stylish, respectful of the planet, and 100 percent vegan. When it comes to Løci, what’s not to love? If you want to get in on the star-studded footwear action, here are some of our favorite vegan sneaker styles from the brand.


1 Fusion

Take it back to the ‘80s with these retro-inspired sneakers, which are particularly loved by Hale, as they made it into her edit with the brand. Made with recycled ocean plastic, bamboo, recycled nylon, recycled rubber, recycled foam, and natural cork, they’re slick, they’re modern, and like Løci says, “athleisure never looked so good.”
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2 Neo

If the ‘80s aren’t your thing, how about the ‘90s? Celebrate the iconic era with these basketball sneakers, which were “created for the concrete courts of ‘90s LA.” Available in five colorways, the shoes feature a bio-leather upper, a lining made with bamboo and recycled nylon, and eyelets made with recycled brass.
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3 Origin

The Origin boasts a classic, timeless design, which means they’ll go with pretty much anything—from your favorite dress to your go-to pair of jeans. Materials include recycled ocean plastic, bamboo, recycled nylon, and natural cork.
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4 Hero X Reed

Those who prefer a mid-top sneaker style will love Løci’s Hero sneakers, which come in a range of colorways. According to the brand, the design, made with recycled ocean plastic, bamboo, and recycled brass, is inspired by the trends of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. “A vegan sneaker for the real icons,” it notes.
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5 Legend

Again, the Legend is inspired by basketball sneakers, which is why it features that iconic high-top silhouette. Like all of Løci’s designs, the sneaker features a mix of recycled brass, recycled foam, bamboo, and recycled ocean plastic. Choose from colorways like khaki, grey, white, and natural.
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6 Atom 

Løci covers all the bases in sneaker design. So, if you’re more of a skatewear fan, you’ll love the brand’s Atom design. Available in five different colorways, including black and cream and blue and white, the design—made with bio leather, bamboo, and recycled nylon, among other sustainable materials—is classic yet modern.
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7 Classic

If you’re feeling unsure about which Løci design to go for, the Classic is a good, strong choice. It’s available in multiple colorways, including several neon options, and the silhouette is timeless, clean, and perfect for everyday wear.
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