Slaughter-Free Turkey Comes to the Table by 2030

Food technology professor Paul Mozdziak says his cultured turkey will be a viable alternative, hitting supermarket shelves in the foreseeable future.  Read More »

England Considers Making Its Cash Vegan

Bank responds to outrage over rendered animal fat in new £5 banknotes.
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Marine Animal Park Charged with Five Counts of Cruelty

Ontario SPCA charged aquatic park Marineland with several counts of cruelty for abusive treatment of peacocks, guinea hens, and black bears.
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Forbes Praises Vegan Lube Company

Good Clean Love gets the attention of noteworthy publication for its work toward eliminating animal testing of sex products.
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Beyond Burger Expands to Southern California

The vegan bleeding burger forges on in its expansion to Whole Foods meat departments nationwide.
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Vegan Rescues 100-Year-Old Giant Lobster

Nova Scotia woman bought "King Louie" for $230 and promptly released him back into the waters where he was caught.
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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Greenlights Veganism

The largest organization of healthcare professionals in the country officially deemed the vegan diet best for health and the environment.
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Scurvy Makes a Comeback in Australia

Several new cases of the pirate disease break out in Australia due to low fruit and vegetable consumption.
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Toronto Food Bank Served 50,000th Veg Meal

Canadian food bank offers meatless meals so those who are in financial distress can maintain their ethical dietary choices.
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UK Currency is Not Vegan

The new £5 banknote will be made using rendered beef or mutton fat known as tallow.
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Beastie Boy Makes Vegan Shoes to Aid Planned Parenthood

Ad-Rock's collaboration with Los Angeles vegan shoe company Keep will benefit women's rights.
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Washington Post Raves About Vegan Athletes

Publication profiles football players, bodybuilders, and Olympians who went vegan and stayed strong.
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Pope to World Leaders: Act on Climate Change Now

Pope Francis asks scientists to continue working toward combating climate change, despite the potential threat imposed by a Trump presidency.
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Plant-Based Diet Improves Prostate Cancer

Patients with prostate cancer report improvement in quality of life on plant-based diet and exercise regimen.
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Meatless Options at Restaurants Will Boom in 2017

Analysts predict chefs will continue to experiment with vegetables and plant-based proteins next year.
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World's First 3D-Printed Vegan Gummies Now in US

Customizable vegetable-based gummy candy comes to Go! Games and Toys retail locations in the United States, and makes online debut.
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