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Tainted Meat Health Toll

Scientists link chicken consumption to urinary tract infections caused by latent E. coli strains.

Chicken found on grocery store shelves and served in restaurants may cause urinary tract infections in women, according to new research from McGill University. Eating contaminated meat will often lead to obvious health problems, but strands of the bacteria can lie dormant in the intestines and not cause immediate reactions. Researchers found that this latent strand of E. coli bacteria can later travel from the intestines to the urethra, causing urinary tract infections. The study is also examining the health consequences of eating antibiotic-treated meat. The Public Health Agency of Canada and the University of Guelph compiled sample data for the study in Canada.

Moby Sells 100 Musical Instruments to Help Vegan Doctors

The vegan activist has opened an online shop for his prized music equipment to raise funds in support of vegan medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
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Cardi B Feasts on Vegan Food at Coachella

The celebrated songstress and fellow musicians Migos, Daniel Caesar, Ghostface Killah, Kelela, and Beyoncé's crew enjoyed vegan food at Coachella thanks to vegan chef Lauren Von Der Pool.
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Kevin Smith Officially Goes Vegan

The famed director's vegan daughter Harley Quinn Smith confirmed that her father—who recently had a massive heart attack—has gone vegan and loves Veggie Grill's nachos.
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Vegan Croissants Crowned as Best in Miami

L'Artisane Creative Bakery is the first vegan bakery to take the top spot in annual competition Croissant Battle Miami.
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Vegan Chocolate Cake-Scented Bus Stop Erected in London

Londoners can now smell the sweet aroma of BOSH!'s chocolate fudge cake while waiting for the bus.
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