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Goodwin on Kimmel

Ginnifer Goodwin talks turkeys, veganism, and her role with Farm Sanctuary on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Last Thursday, Ginnifer Goodwin appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed her meat-free lifestyle and work with Farm Sanctuary. She talked about her role as an ambassador for the animal-welfare organization before launching into a discussion about her love for turkeys. After Kimmel asked her about keeping turkeys as pets, Goodwin clarified for the host and viewers that adopting turkeys means enabling the turkeys to live freely on the sanctuary. She emphasized the similarities between turkeys and dogs and further dispelled the notion that the animals people eat are different from the animals people keep as companions. Currently, Goodwin can be seen on HBO's Big Love


Kentucky Refuses to Pass Anti-Animal Welfare Bill

Last week, the southern state said “no” to an ag-gag bill that would criminalize undercover factory farm investigations.
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May Event: Plant-Based Pop-Up Restaurant in NYC

At the beginning of May, Young’s catering service is hosting an exquisite three-course, three-day pop-up event, with cocktails included.
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Veg Black Men Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Thousands of black men were surveyed about their dietary proclivities, and those who were vegetarian or vegan were found to be less likely to develop cardiovascular illnesses.
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Boca Raton, Florida Goes Vegetarian on Mondays

The sunny city’s elderly population will benefit from its new Meatless Monday program.
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Colbert Calls Out Candidate for Cockfight Speech

The Colbert Report host noted the inhumanity of cockfighting and factory farming on an April 7 episode of his show.
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