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Activism to Help Hens

A New Zealand vegan is spending 30 days in a small cage to protest a new proposal on cages for egg-laying hens.

Carl Scott of New Zealand is spending the month of April in a 6.25-by-4.25-foot cage in order to protest against a government proposal that would require farmers to extend battery cages by only a few inches. The new “enriched” cages are still, however, deemed cruel and banned in several European countries. Currently set up across from one of New Zealand’s largest egg producers, Scott is bringing awareness to the issue by talking to passersby and through a frequently updated Facebook page. “I am OK, but it is really starting to sink in how long a month actually is. It must be so hard for the birds to have to live there 24/7 for up to 18 months!” Scott writes.

Tesco Sells 2.5 Million Vegan Meals in 20 Weeks

The supermarket chain more than doubled its sales projections of new vegan line Wicked Healthy.
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Nevada Steakhouse Debuts Vegan Menu

Hank's Fine Steaks & Martinis added a separate menu with plant-based cauliflower steaks, stuffed eggplant, and two decadent desserts.
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Aussie Pub Creates Vegan Filet-O-Fish

Eatery Two-Bit Villains now hosts weekly vegan pub nights complete with plant-based popcorn chicken, nachos, and a vegan version of the popular fish-based sandwich.
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Friday's "Felicia" Opens Vegan Version of Chipotle

Actress-turned-vegan-chef Angela Means Kaaya to re-open Jackfruit Cafe—which she previously operated out of a doughnut shop—this summer.
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Meaty Vegan Shop Sister Seitan Opens in UK

New woman-owned restaurant Sister Seitan is slinging vegan chicken burgers and mac and cheese in Kent.
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