This Week's Must-Have

Quinoa Chocolate Clusters

Halfway between indulgent and healthful, these snacking chocolates satisfy on so many levels.

It’s 3pm, the lunch hour has long passed, your sweet tooth is clamoring for your attention—but it's a bit too soon to totally unwind. You need to stay focused, but you also need a little treat. We feel your pain! In moments like these, do what we do and reach for Theo Chocolate’s crunchy Chocolate Clusters. In flavors such as Lemon Hemp, Coconut Turmeric, and Salted Almond, each organic bite gets a crispy crunch from toasted coconut and quinoa, and a heart-healthy dose of cocoa flavanols. Drop the health pretense altogether and add chopped clusters to ice cream sundaes, dessert grilled cheese sandwiches, or atop a whipped cream mountain on your favorite latte. However you snack on them, your tastebuds and heart will thank you. Now go focus (after you try a cluster, that is!).

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