Leather Alternatives Predicted to Take Over Sports Shoe Industry

Animal-free products jump to top of the sportswear shoe industry thanks to Nike and Adidas opting for faux leather.

International research firm Technavio’s recent global leather market report reveals that non-leather materials are primed to dominate the sportswear shoe industry in the coming years. Thanks in part to major brands such as Nike and Adidas—which are consistently opting for animal-free synthetic materials to manufacture their new product lines—consumers are becoming more inclined to purchase faux leather. “As a result of the high prices of raw leather, and the subsequent high prices of the finished products, consumers are now shifting toward the more affordable faux leather goods," lead analyst at Technavio Poonam Saini says. The report further predicts that the use of synthetic materials instead of animal leather is poised for a faster growth rate in the next five years. The same report predicts that leather is still a top-seller amongst the non-athletic segment, however luxury apparel brand Prada reported a 22-percent decrease in sales of its leather products during the first quarter of 2016.

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