Chloe Coscarelli Treats NYC Fireman to Vegan Food

The famed chef introduced fireman Chris to plant-based burgers at beloved food-truck-turned-vegan-eatery Cinnamon Snail.

Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli recently dined with non-vegan New York City firefighter Christopher Corrar at the brick-and-mortar location of Cinnamon Snail. The two ate plant-based jalapeño mac n’ cheese burgers and discussed the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. After asking Chris if he ever rescues “pets,” Coscarelli stated, “I went vegan about 13 years ago because I just realized that the same animals that I loved as pets were the same kind of animals that were on people’s dinner plates,” and added, “it didn’t seem consistent that we were loving certain animals and eating others.” Corrar responded positively and stated, “Animal-rights is a big issue to you, but what interests me is the sustainability of eating meat.” Corrar glanced down at the vegan food in front of him and stated, “It’s difficult to go on the way we have for many more years, and this is an option that people have available to them.” Coscarelli’s and Corrar’s food expedition is part of non-profit organization Farm Sanctuary’s campaign entitled #CompasionateMeal, where vegans share a plant-based meal with non-vegan friends in an effort to make compassionate eating more accessible. In January, famed director Kevin Smith and vegan daughter Harley Quinn Smith shared a #CompassionateMeal at Los Angeles’ vegan comfort food eatery Doomie’s Home Cookin’, after which the Clerk’s director stated, “if this is being vegan, I [could] get my head around it.”

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