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Veggie Spider Discovered

Scientists find the world’s only known vegetarian spider dwelling in South America.

Of about 40,000 species the Bagheera kiplingi is the only one known to subsist on a plant-based diet. Recently discovered in South America, this species of jumping spider almost exclusively eats leaf buds, such as wild acacia plants. Before this discovery scientists believed that spiders could only eat food they trapped and externally digested. Unlike their arachnid brethren, Bagheera kiplingis' vegetarian diet means they need to spin webs to catch prey. Instead, the herbivorous creatures focus their web-spinning energy on building family homes, which act as nests for their young. Another interesting divergence from other species of spider is that the Bagheera kiplingi does not eat its sexual partner after mating.

NYC Fashion Mogul to Debut Vegan Cheese Brand

Joshua Katcher—founder of vegan fashion brand Brave Gentleman—has teamed with vegan tattoo shop owner Dina DiCenso to launch artisanal vegan cheese brand RIND.
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LUSH Debuts New Vegan Bath Melt to Fight for Trans Rights

The vegan-friendly beauty brand launches a campaign to raise $450,000 to end discrimination and violence against transgender people.
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Data Shows Plant-Based Diet Would Save UK $7 Billion

A new study finds that the country could save billions on health and economic costs if 10 percent of the population adopted a plant-based diet.
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Amsterdam Fashion Brand Debuts Vegan James Dean Jacket

Cruelty-free fashion brand HoodLamb announces its spring line complete with James Dean-inspired unisex jackets.
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Investors Condemn Whole Foods for Ignoring Vegan Shift

A coalition of 57 investors who manage $2.4 trillion in assets continues to push food companies to abandon the risky practice of raising animals for food.
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