NYC Vegan Grocery Throws Ice Cream Social for Justice

At the event, Orchard Grocer will debut a vegan ice cream created by NYC vegan establishment Modern Love Brooklyn to raise funds for LGBTQ youth.

New York City-based vegan market Orchard Grocer will host an ice cream social Tuesday to debut its new soft serve made by vegan restaurant Modern Love Brooklyn to benefit homeless LGBTQ youth organization Ali Forney Center. The event will premiere Modern Love Soft Serve made from cashew and olive oil and colored with fruit in Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Fields flavors. “We promise that all of your ice cream dreams will be met, including sundaes, cones, cookie sandwiches, and sprinkles,” Modern Love’s executive chef and proprietor Isa Chandra Moskowitz said. “Get a cruelty-free cone, and support a great cause!” Last year, Moskowitz opened the Brooklyn outpost of Modern Love in partnership with vegan fashion retailer MooShoes sister founders Erica and Sara Kubersky. To complete the vegan trifecta, the Kubersky sisters opened Orchard Grocer adjacent to MooShoes NYC in March.

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