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Stop Everything and Eat These 10 Vegan Christmas Cookies Immediately

From peppermint meltaways to snowman-shaped treats, all we want for Christmas are vegan cookies.


Food + Recipes

10 Vegan Thanksgiving Entrees That Keep Turkeys Off the Table

From savory vegan roasts to tender butternut squash, we’ve rounded-up the best plant-based centerpieces to impress guests this Thanksgiving. 


Food + Recipes

These 10 Fall-Time Dessert Recipes Are the Only Things I’m Making This Fall

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Food + Recipes

Everything You Need From Trader Joe’s for Your Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Is planning your Thanksgiving menu making you nervous? Relax, because all you need is this list and a quick trip to TJ’s.


Food + Recipes

10 Secretly Vegan Foods You Can Find at Trader Joe’s This Fall 

We’ve done all the hard work and found secretly vegan Trader Joe’s treasures from Candy Corn Popcorn to Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. You’re welcome.