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Ultimate Guide to a Great Memorial Day Vegan BBQ

Warm weather and a long weekend make Memorial Day the perfect opportunity for backyard grilling and winding down.


Food + Recipes

How to Throw a Spooky Vegan Halloween Party

Have fun transforming your home from drab to fab for a Halloween-themed get-together.


Food + Recipes

5 Ways to Celebrate Spring with a Vegan Twist

Put a progressive spin on holiday traditions without foregoing the festive feelings of the season.


Food + Recipes

Creamy Leek Polenta

The buttery texture of leeks and soft texture of polenta culminate in this dish of creamy perfection.


Food + Recipes

4 Tips for the Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving

Don’t miss our must-read tips for throwing a Thanksgiving meal that doesn’t compromise your ideals.



New Year Traditions from Around the World

Take a page from another culture’s book and incorporate new traditions into your holiday celebration.



10 Ways to Give Back at the Holidays

From volunteering to baking, here are VN’s 10 ways to make a difference this holiday season.



Why Eating Your Colors is Essential

All of the nutrients we need reside in plants, and their vibrant hues are a clue to their healthy components.


Food + Recipes

What Vegans Should Know About Food Language

Do words affect the way we approach food? VN explores how language can help save the animals.


Food + Recipes

5 Must-Know Tips for Vegan Party Planning

VN’s resident party guru dishes her favorite tips for hosting the perfect spring shindig.


Food + Recipes

Fight the Recession by Eating Vegan on a Budget

Think plant-based diets aren’t an affordable way to live? Two words: drop biscuits.


Food + Recipes

Celebrate Easter the Vegan Way

Want to continue celebrating Easter, sans cruelty to animals? It’s as easy as biting into a vegan chocolate egg.

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