Beyoncé Was Hungry Because She Was Restricting, Not Because She Was Vegan 

The singer talks about her extreme plant-based diet in preparation for her 2018 Coachella performance in her new Netflix documentary Homecoming—but her diet has nothing at all to do with veganism. 



What Happens When Famous Vegans Stop Being Vegans? A Media Meltdown

Restriction and urine-drinking and fad diets, oh my! What the exodus of one-time vegans tells us … and what it doesn’t.



Trump’s “Hamberder” Lunch is As Far Away From How Americans Should Eat As It Gets 

With an increasing demand for plant-based meals at colleges across the nation, and even more elite athletes swearing by the performance benefits of a vegan diet, Donald Trump’s recent fast-food lunch offering to members of the Clemson Tigers shows just how out of touch he really is. 


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A Merry Little (Secular Jewish Vegan) Christmas 

Want to know how to make the (questionably) most wonderful time of year work for you? Here’s your guide to the best vegan Christmas season you could imagine … even if you’re secular. 


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Eight Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah, Vegan-Style 

From plant-based gelt to Soy Vey candles, an all-vegan Hanukah honors tradition while respecting animals.


Health + Wellness

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Planning Your Own VegFest

All around the globe, VegFests are delivering vegan culture to the masses. Here’s how to do it right.



10 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Vegan Holiday Celebration Fabulous and Unforgettable

Want to impress even the most stubborn omni guest this holiday season? We’ve got you covered.



A Professional Vegan’s Guide to Chicago

A plethora of vegan-friendly food and activities makes Sweet Home Chicago one of the best vegan cities in the country.


Health + Wellness

6 Things to Know about Fat Shaming Among Vegans

Sometimes, questionable intentions and misguided attitudes can collide in the form of discrimination, but there’s hope for us yet.



Easy Vegan Holiday Recipes and Tips

From eco-friendly fire option to festive food for all, VN has your holiday needs covered.


Food + Recipes

Supper Club Scene

The underground dining movement offers veg cuisine at basement prices—if you know where to look.



Perfect Holiday Prep

With the best DIY gifts, fresh-baked treats, and cool-weather tips, VN has your go-to guide for a very merry, eco-chic celebration. Who says the holidays have to be stressful?

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