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Halloween May Be Cancelled But We’re Still Making These 8 Spooky Vegan Recipes

These libations, side dishes, entrées, and sweets will beckon the Halloween spirits for a ghoulishly grand treat.  



Attention White Animal-Rights Activists: “Black Lives Matter” is Not Ours For the Taking

Redirecting the phrase to encompass “all lives,” including animals, is unethical and unsupportive of the racial justice movement. We should be giving “Black Lives Matter” the space to spread its meaningful message. 



As Buyers Face Meat Shortages, Vegan Companies Are Stepping Up to the Plate

Shoppers are turning to alternatives to animal products because of COVID-19, boosting sales of plant-based meat and providing a much-needed opportunity for vegan businesses to capitalize on the new demand.



As the World Burns: “Vegans Are Destroying the Planet” and Other Half-Baked Claims

When meat-eaters point a finger at vegans for consuming “water-intensive” crops, three fingers point right back at them. 



The Coronavirus: Let’s Talk About the Consequences of Eating Animals (Without Being Racist) 

This is the ideal time to talk about the risks of animal agriculture, rather than reigniting old forms of racism against Chinese culture that should have been retired long ago. 



Dear Men: Eating Soy (or Impossible Whoppers) Won’t Give You Man Boobs

There is no evidence that consuming soy will make you grow breasts. Dairy, on the other hand, probably could.



Influencers Ditching Veganism is an Overcooked Way of Getting More Clicks

Yet another influencer broke up with veganism because of her desire for more attention. Can we move on from this clichéd attempt at doing it?


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8 Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah, Vegan-Style 

From plant-based gelt to Soy Vey candles, an all-vegan Hanukah honors tradition while respecting animals.



As Vegans, We Need to Show More Compassion Towards Those Who Aren’t Like Us  

When celebrity chef and meat-lover Carl Ruiz died of a heart attack at age 44, some joked about his fate—but we should remember how our actions and words affect those outside our vegan bubble. 


Health + Wellness

Will Smith’s “Intervention” With His Son is About Clickbait, Not Veganism

You’ve seen the misleading headlines about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s “intervention” with their son Jaden about his unhealthy vegan diet. But here’s what the headlines aren’t telling us. 



Vegan Jewish Deli to Open in Chicago

The team behind vegan diner Kāl’ish will transform pizzeria Longacre into Jewish deli Sam & Gertie’s, selling classics such as vegan lox-topped bagels, knishes, matzo ball soup, and desserts.



Man Banned for Life From Iowa State Fair for Calling out Animal Abuse 

Fair attendee Wheaten Mather recorded a boy beating a pig with a “show stick,” causing severe face lacerations. Reporting the abuse led to a lifelong ban from the fairgrounds. 

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