Food + Recipes

It’s Never Too Late to Go Vegan

Over 50? No problem. Co-author of the just-released Never Too Late to Go Vegan, Patti Breitman shares the life-changing reasons why embracing veganism is good for anyone at any age.



4 Unforgettable Vegan Fall Getaways

Leave behind the stress of everyday life and extend a warm welcome to autumn with these lovely, eco-friendly, vegan bed and breakfast destinations.


Food + Recipes

VN Recipe Round Up: 7 Fall Favorites

Warm up to the autumn season with these delicious, decadent dishes that are sure to brighten any fall celebration.



VegNews 2013 End of Summer Bucket List

Summer isn’t gone yet! Make the most of sunnier days with these 5 fun and rewarding must-do’s that should be on everybody’s end-of-summer list.


Health + Wellness

Vegan Women and Health: Nutrition Expert Tells All

We chatted with nutrition expert Virginia Messina to glean some healthy-woman wisdom from the pages of her new book, Vegan for Her.


Food + Recipes

Sneak Preview: Ms. Cupcake’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake

The inspiration behind these light and fluffy vegan cupcakes is none other than mint chocolate chip ice cream, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Food + Recipes

Exclusive Q&A: England’s Queen of Vegan Baking

Self-taught vegan baker and cookbook author Mellissa Morgan lets us in on the sugary secrets of running the first vegan bakery in the UK.



50,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Possible E.Coli

A Kansas state meat packing plant issued a recall after a food safety routine inspection revealed possible E.coli contamination.


Food + Recipes

8 Hot New Vegan Restaurants Around the Country

Keep your finger on the pulse and your fork on the plate of veganism’s newest places to get your nosh on.



Singer Rihanna Makes Donation To Wolves Sanctuary

The famous pop singer and self-professed animal lover gives a reportedly large sum of her fortune to Wolf Haven International.



Vegan Bodybuilders Dominate TX Competition

Team Plant Built placed high among hundreds of non-veg competitors at the Naturally Fit Super Show.



Journalist Says Slaughter-Free Meat is the Future

Michael Hanlon of The Daily Telegraph predicts that lab-grown meat will eventually be the norm.

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