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During Desperate Times, These 13 Vegan Restaurants Are Committed to Serving More Than Food 

From “Buy One, Gift One” meals to automated gratuities for hard-working staff, these restaurants are serving more than just exceptional vegan food. 


Food + Recipes

Chef-Crafted Vegan Holiday Drink Ideas for Everyone

From decadent gelt martinis to feel-good kombucha carrot cake mocktails, we’ll raise a glass to all of these festive vegan beverages.  


Food + Recipes

Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Maitake Mushrooms

Find yourself a professional forager then follow these tips to cook like a pro and eat like vegan royalty. 



8 Cool Foods to Plant This Fall

October’s early-fall plants make for potent fall harvests.


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5 Non-Pumpkin Fall Drinks You Have to Try

This season, indulge in a plethora of seasonal hot drinks that are sure to keep the fall blues away.


Food + Recipes

These 7 Scottish Vegan Foods Are Making Their Way to America 

From sour cream broccoli chips (trust us on this one) to creamy, melty cheese, we’re chomping at the bit for these vegan Scottish eats. 


Health + Wellness

The Complete Vegan Guide to Digestive Enzymes

From treating chronic illness to maximizing digestion, enzymes help our bodies make the most of what we eat. 


Food + Recipes

5 Ways to Cook Edible Flowers

There are dozens of edible flowers you can harvest from your vegetable garden, meadow, or by taking a walk around your parks.


Food + Recipes

10 Edible Wildflowers Worth Picking This Summer

Enjoy the warm weather with a nice walk, and bring home an edible wildflower bouquet.



6 Tips for Vegan Cosplay and Costumers

Save the world, one plant-based costume at a time.



7 Ways to Make Sure You’re Buying Vegan-Friendly Clothing

Picking out cruelty-free clothing doesn’t have to be a nightmare.