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Vegan Just Egg Expands to Washington DC

Food technology startup JUST expands its vegan mung bean-based scrambled egg replacer to Equinox, the second restaurant to offer the innovative product in the United States.


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Australia’s Top Airline Promotes Vegan Bacon and Eggs

Qantas gets behind promotional video for Melbourne’s plant-based eatery Matcha Mylkbar.


Today's Top Stories

Oat Milk Chocolate Bars to Launch in United States

Scandinavia’s Goodio’s ChocOats vegan line will launch in June in the UK and Germany, and in July in the United States.


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Anne Hathaway Flaunts Vegan Clutch at Oceans 8 Premiere

The Academy Award-winning actress carried a cruelty-free clutch by vegan brand Jill Milan on the red carpet.


Today's Top Stories

Target Field Named Top Vegan-Friendly Ballpark

In addition to vegan hot dogs and burgers, Target Field offers Vegan Tofu Vindaloo and brats and sausages by The Herbivorous Butcher.



Frontline Exposes Human Trafficking at Ohio Egg Farm

In addition to chickens being tortured for profit, Guatemalan teens at Trillium Farm are forced to live in squalid conditions while working off their “debts.”


Market Trends

Plant-Based Business Bootcamp Debuts in London

Vevolution aims to share skills and insights for creating plant-based businesses and will award $133,000 to the most impressive startup.


Companion Animals

Startup Debuts New Vegan Food for Cats and Dogs

Because Animals uses algae to create animal-free supplements for cats and dogs, and plans to debut companion-animal food made with clean meat once the slaughter-free product is available.



Residents to Sue Iowa Over Hog Factory Farm Emissions

Factory farms in the largest hog-producing state in the United States are under fire for spewing toxic, ammonia-filled air into local communities.


Market Trends

Veganism Fueling Global Demand for Coconut Milk

The coconut milk industry is expected to boom as the world population continues to steer clear of cow’s milk.



The Walking Dead Star Austin Amelio Goes Vegan

The actor adopted a plant-based diet overnight after watching vegan documentary What the Health.



Virtual Reality Program Lets People Talk to Animals

Tech experience “Eye to Eye” allows participants to discuss animal testing with a realistic rabbit.

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