Vegan Pizza Pop-Ups Are the New Taco Stands

Save tacos for Tuesdays. Mobile vegan pizza pop-ups are bringing Italian pies to the street food scene.  


 5 Vegan Ways to Tidy Up Your Life That Would Make Marie Kondo Proud 

You’ve cleaned up your diet. Now let’s work on the rest of your life. 


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11 Vegan Super Bowl Foods That Aren’t Nachos. They’re Better.  

No matter what team you’re rooting for, these sweet and savory nacho spin-offs are a fan favorite.  


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6 Vegan Fish Foods That Will Fool Any Pescetarian

From vegan shrimp to sushi-grade tuna, these fishy foods are good enough to get everyone hooked. 


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7 Vegan Air-Fryer Recipes to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

From animal-style fries to mini apple pies, this oil-free cooking gadget allows you to enjoy the foods you love—without cheat days.


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These 5 Incredible Colleges Have Vegan Food Courses

Study up on plant-based cuisine and nutrition at a university or online.


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7 Vegan-Friendly Food Trends to Try in 2019

Eat the trend! From meaty mushrooms to dessert hummus, vegan food is #trending in 2019. 


Food + Recipes

8 Global Cuisines That Are Super Vegan-Friendly

Discover your new favorite plant-based food by exploring different cuisines, from Ethiopian to Burmese and beyond.


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5 Things We Can’t Wait to Devour at Veganuary Las Vegas

Viva Los Vegan! Las Vegas city guide Vegans, Baby! teams up with Veganuary for a month full of plant-based eats and special events.


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5 Ways To Become a (Better) Vegan in 2019 

Simple actions you can take today that go beyond your personal plate.


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4 Easy Ways to Support Animals During the Holidays

This season, get in the holiday spirit while spreading compassion for animals.


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Need to Kill Time During Holiday Baking? How About These Easy High-Intensity Workouts?

Got nothing to do while your goodies are in the oven? Hit a quick exercise routine to gain an appetite.

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