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7 Vegan Treats Your Dog Wants This Halloween

From Pup-Pies to classic peanut butter bones, your dog might show you a few new tricks if you stock up on these vegan treats.  


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10 Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwiches That Are Better Than Chick-fil-A and Popeyes 

Popeyes and Chick-fil-A have nothing on these impeccable, plant-based handholds.  


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9 Amazing Vegan Cheese Brands You Probably Don’t Know About 

Make room on your cheeseboard! From sophisticated blue to unbelievable brie, you’re going to want these vegan cheeses in your life.  



How An Acro-Yoga Sister Troupe is Redefining Veganism

Adults can learn a thing or two from this young trio of vegan athletes.  


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I Compared 3 Different Vegan Burritos at 3 Different Price Points, and What I Found Was Surprising

From $4.49 to $21.50, which vegan burrito is most worth it?  


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6 Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free-Friendly Breweries in the US

Perfect your cornhole game between bites of gluten-free buffalo mac and cheese and sips of a locally-brewed pale ale.  


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9 Vegan Fruity Desserts for Rosh Hashanah

From raisin-studded challah to lucuma pumpkin cheesecake, you’re guaranteed to have a sweet New Year. 


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16 Vegan Recipes for Every Day of Oktoberfest  

From spaetzle to strudel, these recipes will ensure you don’t go hungry during Oktoberfest.  


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Ever Dream of Finding All Your Favorite Vegan Products in One Place? This LA Store Has You Covered

From freshly delivered Snackrilege sandwiches to a cold-pressed juice vending machine, Besties has more options than a Whole Foods Market hot bar.  


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17 Things Already In Your Grocery Cart You Didn’t Know Were Vegan 

From Talenti Sorbetto to your favorite childhood cereal, you don’t need to find a vegan swap for these supermarket staples.  


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Get Your Celebrity Fix at These 16 Vegan Restaurants

From Miley Cyrus to Kevin Smith and Zac Effron, make your reservations at these vegan hot spots to dine amongst the entertainment elite.  


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8 Touchdown Vegan Options at NFL Stadiums Nationwide

From monstrous Beyond Burgers to unexpected chickpea tuna salads, these new vegan NFL stadium options make football season far more appetizing.  

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