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These 6 Sugars Are Totally Vegan (Not Every Sugar Is!)

If you’re craving something sweet and have a hankering for baking, then be sure to fill up your cabinets with these baking essentials.  



The Untold (Vegan) Story of Baskin-Robbins

The son of the ice cream behemoth chose veganism over inventing the 32nd flavor. In this VegNews exclusive, John Robbins reveals what it’s like to walk away from an ice cream cone-shaped swimming pool.  


Food + Recipes

8 Vegan Cakes That Can Be On Your Doorstep This Week

Cake delivery might just be the best thing since the invention of vegan cake itself.  


Food + Recipes

5 Next-Level Margaritas (and Vegan Snacks) Perfect for National Tequila Day

They say tequila makes you crazy—and we’re crazy for these fruity, spicy, and savory margs.  

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Food + Recipes

What the VegNews Staff Would Do with a Case of JUST Egg

World’s Largest Vegan Omelet? Quiche party? French toast tower? Oh, the possibilities …  


Food + Recipes

9 Sugar-Free, Vegan Desserts We’re Craving 

From sweet potato brownies to naturally sweetened cookie dough, we’re eating dessert every night!  



A New Bakery, New Menu, Same Mission: A Chat with Vegan Baking Queen Erin McKenna 

The founder of BabyCakes NYC, America’s first vegan and gluten-free bakery, dishes on her most underrated menu item, expanding her empire, and why her life isn’t always so sweet (it’s savory, too).


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The 9 Best Vegan Deals on Amazon Prime Day

On the fence about that air-fryer or fancy sustainable luggage set? Amazon Prime Day is the time to finally get what you want. 


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Inside the New Orlando Vegan Fast-Food Eatery from Fine Dining Master Matthew Kenney

Vegan chef Matthew Kenney’s 17-ingredient burger and housemade soft-serve are made for the masses—even the non-vegan kind.  


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How Food Trucks Are Revolutionizing the Vegan Movement 

If you want to celebrate National Food Truck Day on June 28, here’s an insider tip: you can get a free vegan meal if you’re one of the first in line at these trucks.  


Food + Recipes

What Roy Choi, Top Chef Alumni, and Other Celebrity Chefs Have Planned for This Year’s “Vegan Coachella”

Saucy, vegan tofu burritos; eggplant caponata; and nitro vanilla ice cream are all on the menu at Eat Drink Vegan. 


Food + Recipes

9 Things This Vegan Learned on a Willy Wonka Tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory

From making our own non-dairy maple beer ice cream to sampling all the vegan flavors, our experience at the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters was everything I could ask for—with a cherry on top!

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