Food + Recipes

14 Trader Joe’s Must-Haves for Your Vegan Super Bowl Party

From Jackfruit Cakes to Beer Bread, we’re grabbing way more than chips and salsa.


Food + Recipes

7 Genius Vegan Super Bowl Recipes You Can Make In Minutes

From four-ingredient peanut butter cookies to five-minute vegan queso, these quick game day snacks score a touchdown every time.


Food + Recipes

7 Healthy Easy Vegan Hacks for Your Super Bowl Buffet

From spicy baked cauliflower wings to carrot-based pigs-in-a-blanket, these vegan snacks won’t weigh you down.  


Food + Recipes

7 Cheaper, Healthier Hacks for Your Favorite Vegan Starbucks Drinks 

From portion sizes to syrup hacks, make your next vegan vanilla latte kinder on your wallet and your waistline.   



The Complete Vegan Guide to the Elimination Diet 

Feeling bloated all the time? Constant stomach pain? Pinpoint your trigger foods to live your best vegan life.  


Food + Recipes

9 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants to Have Your Last Meal of 2019

Whether you’re celebrating in Los Angeles or New York City, you’ll resolve to eat out more after trying these plant-based, prix fixe menus.  



How Vegan Celeb Alicia Silverstone Celebrates the Holidays 

All this actress wants for the holidays is for the world to wake up to compassion—and perhaps a mug of vegan mulled wine. 



7 Jewish(ish) Vegans We Want to Celebrate Hanukkah With 

From Natalie Portman to Mayim Bialik, we’d love to chat over latkes with these influential Jewish vegans.  


Food + Recipes

5 Vegan Gingerbread Houses to Build This Year 

From gingerbread houses to cookie kits, these vegan-friendly holiday kits won’t last long on display.  


Food + Recipes

8 Vegan Challahs for Every Night of Hanukkah 

From sweet chocolate and walnut challah to a vegan meatball sub-stuffed variety, you can make a different loaf for every day of Hanukkah.  


Home + Lifestyle

8 Vegan Subscriptions To Give This Year 

From Harry Potter-themed keepsake boxes to vegan wine and cheese pairings, there’s a vegan bundle for everyone on your list. 


Food + Recipes

 5 Essential Vegan Cheese Board Cheeses

 Learn how to assemble the perfect vegan cheese board like the domestic god or goddess you are.  

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