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5 Vegan Gingerbread Houses to Build This Year 

From gingerbread houses to cookie kits, these vegan-friendly holiday kits won’t last long on display.  


Food + Recipes

8 Vegan Challahs for Every Night of Hanukkah 

From sweet chocolate and walnut challah to a vegan meatball sub-stuffed variety, you can make a different loaf for every day of Hanukkah.  


Home + Lifestyle

8 Vegan Subscriptions To Give This Year 

From Harry Potter-themed keepsake boxes to vegan wine and cheese pairings, there’s a vegan bundle for everyone on your list. 


Food + Recipes

 5 Essential Vegan Cheese Board Cheeses

 Learn how to assemble the perfect vegan cheese board like the domestic god or goddess you are.  



Forget Cookies. Here are the 5 Vegan Treats Santa Really Wants This Year …

Carrot cake, peanut-butter pie, and doughnuts are just a few ways we’re breaking the cookie-cutter tradition (pun intended).


Food + Recipes

6 Vegan Holiday Drinks to Order at Peet’s Before They’re Gone 

From warming holiday spices to decadent dark chocolate peppermint mochas, we’re getting our vegan cozy on at this vegan-friendly coffee chain.  


Health + Wellness

14 Vegan Candles That Make Your House Smell Like Thanksgiving

Walk into a pumpkin pie-scented room without making a mess in the kitchen. 


Food + Recipes

These 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts Will Fool Your Meat-Eating Friends

From stuffing-stuffed to seitan centerpieces, we’ve got the run-down on vegan roasts. 


Food + Recipes

11 Vegan Restaurants That Will Cook Thanksgiving For You

Make your reservations and let the stress melt away—these vegan restaurants are doing all the cooking and cleaning for you. 


Food + Recipes

Top 20 Vegan Restaurants to Order Your Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

From local hidden gems to restaurants that ship nationwide, you can look forward to a full Thanksgiving vegan meal no matter where you are.  


Food + Recipes

20 Juicy Vegan Burgers That Are Way Better Than the Big Mac 

From Pittsburgh, PA to San Diego, CA, these epic handholds outshine their animal-based counterpart. 


Food + Recipes

10 Vegan Fall Foods You Can Bake in a Pumpkin

From savory stuffing to apple crisp, you won’t even think of using traditional bakeware all season long.  

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