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This Beachside Avocado Festival is Bursting With Vegan Eats

From avocado margaritas to avocado tacos fried in avocado oil, you’ll be sure to get your avo fix—without paying extra.  


Food + Recipes

Vegan History of National Doughnut Day 

This food holiday is legit—and we have the Salvation Army to thank for it. 


Food + Recipes

10 Tips for Vegans to Save Big at the Grocery Store 

Saving money isn’t about sacrifice or sales; get all you need without forking over your paycheck with these simple hacks.  


Food + Recipes

12 Vegan-Friendly Baseball Stadiums Winning the Snack Game

From fully loaded hot dogs to mountainous nachos, these vegan-friendly ballpark eats will keep you going well into the ninth inning.  


Food + Recipes

5 Low-Calorie Vegan Ice Cream Pints You Need in Your Freezer 

When the whole pint is 360 calories or less, you don’t have to share.   



When a Vegan Runs Across America, Here’s What He Eats

Soylent, smoothies, and Skratch drinks. Discover the foods that fuel a 3,200-mile long run.  


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America by the Slice: 9 Must-Try Vegan Pizzerias in the US

From Neopolitan squash blossom pizzas in Orange County to deep-dish cheeseburger pies in Chicago, these vegan pizzerias satisfy all carb cravings.  



Why One Couple is Putting the Vegan Focus Back in Farmers’ Markets

Helmed by powerhouse couple Kate Wnek and Francesca Avitto, the vegan cafe Lady and the Shallot is bringing back the produce at the historic Trenton Farmers’ Market in New Jersey—and they won’t stop until everyone has eaten their veggies. 


Food + Recipes

5 Next-Level Margaritas (and Vegan Snacks) Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

They say tequila makes you crazy—and we’re crazy for these fruity, spicy, and savory margs.  


Companion Animals

How Having a Vegan Dog Can Help Lower Your Carbon Footprint 

Humans aren’t the only ones with a carbon footprint; the US pooch population leaves a major pawprint. Learn how to be a responsible and sustainable pet parent from this vegan dog expert. 



The World’s Largest Country Festival Tips Its Hat to Vegan Food

Aw nah! From succulent mushroom tacos to Texas caviar, Stagecoach finally brought vegan food to the side stage. 


Food + Recipes

Party for the Planet With These 5 Las Vegas Earth Day Specials 

Save the gambling for the slots. From Drunken Tofu to Zucchini Oreganata, these Earth Day specials are a sure bet in the City of Sin.  

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