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Danish Brand Testing Vegan Meat In Secret US Locations

Naturli’ recently launched its vegan ground meat in Denmark and the United Kingdom, and now has its sights set on the United States.


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Meaty Vegan Shop Sister Seitan Opens in UK

New woman-owned restaurant Sister Seitan is slinging vegan chicken burgers and mac and cheese in Kent.


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Vegan Shoe Brand No One’s Skin Debuts in London

The new footwear brand aims to eliminate the pollution caused by the animal-based leather industry with comparable, vegan alternatives.


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Detroit Restaurant Debuts Eight-Course Vegan Menu

Mabel Gray will re-introduce a vegan menu in August after a successful trial with vegans and non-vegans alike in March.


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Five Synagogues Will Go Vegan For One Year

Places of worship around the country are the latest to make the connection between Jewish culture and vegan living.


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Ethical Designer Creates Vegan Star Wars Hi-Tops

You won’t have to travel to another galaxy for these animal-free Kylo Ren-inspired vegan shoes.


Today's Top Stories

Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Debuts Vegan Bag Line

The prolific vegan drummer’s signature shoulder bag—made with vegan materials—is now available on Amazon.



Two Vegan Cafés Merge into a Secret Project in Philly

Crust Vegan Bakery and coffee shop Grindcore House will collaborate in a secret location in West Philadelphia this summer.



Shoe Brand Makes Vegan Materials from Fennel

Natalie Portman was spotted wearing designer Sydney Brown’s fennel-based vegan shoes earlier this year on Saturday Night Live.



Vegan Taco Truck Lands Brick-and-Mortar In Detroit

Owner Rocky Coronado is on a mission to promote plant-based eating to Latin Americans and communities of color.



Kat Von D Debuts 10th Anniversary Vegan Beauty Line

The animal activist launched a limited-edition, golden-hued vegan makeup collection inspired by her mother, husband, and other muses.



Paul McCartney: “Meat-Free Is the New Rock and Roll”

McCartney reminisces about a time when meatless entreés meant a plate of steamed vegetables and believes that in 25 years, vegetarian diets will be the norm.

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