Here at VegNews, we make it our job to be on top of the newest products, the must-try sweets, the gotta-have-it items. And just as important as it is to know what those new items are, we want to share them with you, so that you can be the most current conscious consumer out there. So we present to you the VegNews Guides, a series of lists dedicated to the things vegans love most—milk included. Below is an up-to-date, ever-expanding roster of the vegan milks offered nationwide.

Better Than Milk

Original Soy Vegan Powder
Original Rice Vegan Powder
Rice Drink Hazelnut 
Unsweetened Almond Drink 
Unsweetened Oat Drink
Unsweetened Rice Drink
Vanilla Soy Vegan Powder

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Chocolate Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Extra Creamy Almondmilk
Original Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Reduced Sugar Vanilla Almondmilk
Unsweetened Chocolate Almondmilk (shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Original Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

>> Blends
Almondmilk Blended with Real Bananas 
Coconut Unsweetened Original Almondmilk (shelf-stable)
Coconut Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk (shelf-stable)
Original Coconut Almondmilk (shelf-stable)

Caramel Almondmilk Creamer
Sweet Crème Almondmilk Creamer
Vanilla Almondmilk Creamer

Califia Farms

>> Almond milk
Extra Creamy Almond Milk
Unsweetened Almond Milk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Almond Milk

>> Coconutmilk
Go Coconuts Coconut Milk
Toasted Coconut Almond Milk

>> Oatmilk
Original Oat Milk
Original Protein Oat Milk
Vanilla Oat Milk
Vanilla Protein Oat Milk

>> Barista Blend
Hemp Barista Blend
Mushroom Oat Barista Blend
Oat Barista Blend
Original Almond Barista Blend Almond Milk
Original Barista Blend
Unsweetened Barista Blend Almond Milk

>> Creamer
Hazelnut Almond Milk Creamer
Hazelnut Oat Milk Creamer
Original Better Half
Pecan Caramel Creamer
Unsweetened Almond Milk Creamer
Unsweetened Better Half
Unsweetened Oat Milk Creamer
Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer
Vanilla Better Half
Vanilla Oat Milk Creamer

>> Seasonal
Maple Caramel Almond Creamer
Pumpkin Spice Better Half
Pumpkin Spice Almond Creamer

Dream Non Dairy

>> Almond
Almond Dream Unsweetened Almond Drink

>> Coconut
Coconut Dream Unsweetened Coconut Drink
Coconut Dream Vanilla Coconut Drink

>> Oat
Dream Oat Beverage Original
Dream Oat Beverage Unsweetened

>> Rice
Rice Dream Enriched Original Rice Drink
Rice Dream Enriched Unsweetened Rice Drink
Rice Dream Enriched Vanilla Rice Drink
Rice Dream Original Rice Drink
Rice Dream Vanilla Rice Drink

>> Soy
Soy Dream Enriched Original Soymilk

>> Seasonal

Rice Dream Horchata Rice Drink

Edensoy Organic

>> Soy
Cocoa Edensoy, Organic
Organic Carob Edensoy
Original Edensoy
Original Edensoy Extra, Organic
Unsweetened Edensoy, Organic
Vanilla Edensoy Extra, Organic
Vanilla Edensoy, Organic

Elmhurst 1925

>> Almond milk
Unsweetened Almond Milk

>> Nut milk
Cashew Milk
Unsweetened Cashew Milk
Unsweetened Hazelnut Milk
Unsweetened Walnut Milk

>> Oat
Chocolate Oat Milk
Oat Milk
Unsweetened Oat Milk

>> Barista
Barista Almond Milk
Barista Hemp Milk
Barista Oat Milk
Pistachio Barista Edition

>> Creamers 
Chai Oat Creamer
Caramel Macchiato Oat Creamer
French Vanilla Oat Creamer
Hazelnut Oat Creamer
Original Oat Creamer
Pistachio Crème Oat Creamer

>> Seasonal
Pumpkin Spice Oat Creamer
Oat Nog

Good Karma

>> Flaxmilk
Chocolate Flaxmilk, Protein (shelf-stable)
Original Flaxmilk (refrigerated)
Unsweetened Flaxmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Flaxmilk, Protein (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Vanilla Flaxmilk, Protein (refrigerated)
Vanilla Flaxmilk, Protein (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Flaxmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

>> Plantmilk
Plantmilk Original (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Plantmilk Unsweetened (shelf-stable)
Plantmilk Chocolate (refrigerated)
Plantmilk Vanilla (refrigerated)

Living Harvest

Tempt Chocolate Hemp Milk 
Tempt Original Hemp Milk
Tempt Unsweetened Coconut Hemp Milk
Tempt Unsweetened Original Hemp Milk
Tempt Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk
Tempt Vanilla Hemp Milk


Oat Malk
Unsweetened Almond Malk
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Malk


Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Almondmilk (shelf-stable)

Chocolate Bananamilk
Strawberry Bananamilk
Original Bananamilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

>>Coconut-Oat Blend
Unsweetened Coconut Oatmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

Chocolaty Chip Keto Mylk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Cinnamon Roll Keto Mylk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Dessert Keto Mylk (shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Original Keto Mylk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Vanilla Crème Keto Mylk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Crème Keto Mylk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

Banana Nut Creamer (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Bean Creamer (refrigerated and shelf-stable)


NotMilk 1%
NotMilk 2% Reduced Fat
NotMilk Whole


Chocolate Oatmilk, Chilled
Full Fat Oatmilk, Chilled
Low-fat Oatmilk, Chilled
Original Oatmilk, Chilled

>>Barista Edition
Oatmilk Barista Edition
Oatmilk Barista Edition Chilled


Organic Protein Almondmilk Lightly Sweetened Vanilla
Organic Protein Almondmilk Unsweetened Vanilla

Pacific Foods

>> Almond milk (Organic)
Chocolate Almond Milk
Original Almond Milk
Original Almond Milk Unsweetened
Vanilla Almond Milk
Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk

>> Coconut milk (Organic)
Original Coconut Milk

Original Coconut Milk Unsweetened
Vanilla Coconut Milk Unsweetened

>> Hazelnut milk
Chocolate Hazelnut milk
Original Hazelnut milk

>> Hemp milk
Chocolate Hemp Milk
Original Hemp Milk
Original Hemp Milk Unsweetened
Vanilla Hemp Milk
Vanilla Hemp Milk Unsweetened

>> Oat milk (Organic)
Original Oat Milk
Vanilla Oat Milk

>> Rice milk
Original Rice Milk
Vanilla Rice Milk

>> Soy milk
Original Select Soy Milk
Original Ultra Soy Milk
Original Unsweetened Organic Soy Milk
Vanilla Select Soy Milk
Vanilla Ultra Soy Milk

Planet Oat

Dark Chocolate Oatmilk
Extra Creamy Oatmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Original Oatmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Unsweetened Original Oatmilk
Unsweetened Vanilla Oatmilk
Vanilla Oatmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

Caramel Oatmilk Creamer
Coffee Cake Oatmilk Creamer 
French Vanilla Oatmilk Creamer


>>Soy milk
Chocolate Light Soymilk
Organic Unsweetened Soymilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Original Light Soymilk
Original Organic Soymilk
Original Soymilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Light Soymilk
Vanilla Organic Soymilk
Vanilla Soymilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Very Vanilla Soymilk (refrigerated and singles)
Chocolate Soymilk (refrigerated, shelf-stable, and singles)

>>Almond milk
Dark Chocolate Almondmilk (refrigerated and singles)
Original Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Original Light Almondmilk

Unsweetened Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Almondmilk (refrigerated, shelf-stable, and singles)
Vanilla Light Almondmilk
Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk (refrigerated and shelf-stable)

>>Coconut milk
Original Coconutmilk
Unsweetened Coconutmilk
Vanilla Coconutmilk

Original Almond Coconut Blend
Reduced Fat Nextmilk
Unsweetened Almond Coconut Blend
Whole Fat Nextmilk

Hazelnut Soy Creamer

Original Soy Creamer
Vanilla Almond Creamer
Vanilla Soy Creamer


>> Almond
Simply Almond Original
Simply Almond Unsweetened 
Simply Almond Unsweetened Vanilla
Simply Almond Vanilla

>> Oat
Simply Oat Creamy
Simply Oat Original
Simply Oat Vanilla

So Delicious Dairy Free

>>Coconut milk
Organic Original
Organic Unsweetened 
Organic Unsweetened Vanilla
Unsweetened Vanilla

Reduced Fat Wondermilk
Whole Fat Wondermilk

Caramel Coconutmilk Creamer
Creamy Original Oatmilk Creamer
Creamy Vanilla Oatmilk Creamer 
French Vanilla Coconutmilk Creamer
Original Coconutmilk Creamer 
Snickerdoodle Oatmilk Creamer


Holiday Nog


Táche Original Blend
Táche Unsweetened Original Blend

Take Two Foods

Barista Barley Milk
Chocolate Barley Milk
Original Barley Milk
Unsweetened Barley Milk
Vanilla Barley Milk

Trader Joe’s

Almond Nog
Chocolate Soymilk Extra
Organic Rice Drink
Organic Unsweetened Soy Beverage (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Original Almond Beverage
Original Unsweetened Almond Beverage (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Soymilk Extra
Unsweetened Coconut Beverage (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Coconut Beverage (refrigerated and shelf-stable)
Vanilla Rice Drink
Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Beverage (refrigerated and shelf-stable)


Organic Original
Organic Plus
Organic Unsweetened

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