Almond milk feels like a new thing, but it’s actually pretty old. In fact, it’s even mentioned in most medieval cookbooks—that’s how old it is.

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According to A Dollop of History, there are a few reasons behind almond milk’s ancient popularity. One such reason is that pasteurization hadn’t been invented yet, so cow’s milk wasn’t that safe (raw milk can carry harmful bacteria, like E.Coli and listeria). Instead, people turned to almond milk. And today, centuries after the Middle Ages, people are still turning to almond milk. And oat milk. And coconut milk—the list goes on.

Today, many consumers have also ditched cow’s milk for health reasons (read more on that here), but they’re concerned about the environment and animal welfare, too. And now, there are numerous brands ready to cater to demand by making milk alternatives. The market is consistently growing; in fact, it’s set to exceed a value of $123 billion by 2030, according to some estimates.

But one of the most-loved dairy-free beverage brands on the market? It has to be Califia Farms. Known for its signature, vase-shaped bottles and creative flavors, the brand—which raised a landmark $225 million in funding back in 2020—is going from strength to strength. Here’s more about Califia Farms, plus some of its best, tastiest vegan products (in our opinion, anyway).

What is Califia Farms?

Founded in 2010 by the late Greg Steltenpohl, California-based Califia Farms started out as a juice brand. According to Forbes, the initial idea was to help reduce food waste by taking rejected “ugly” and imperfect tangerines and then pressing them into a refreshing beverage instead. It makes sense that Steltenpohl wanted to take the brand in this direction; 30 years prior to launching Califia Farms, he founded popular fruit juice brand Odwalla.

But after noticing rising demand for plant-based milk beverages, Steltenpohl switched Califia Farms’ focus from juice to dairy-free products, reports Mashed. The brand started its journey to becoming one of the most popular brands in the vegan milk and creamer sphere. It doesn’t just produce almond milk, but also oat milk and creamers, and coconut milk products, too.

Is Califia Farms sustainable?

Since the early 2010s, Califia Farms has stayed true to its roots in sustainability.

It not only prioritizes the planet by eschewing dairy (animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental issues like emissions and deforestation) but the company also prioritizes responsible ingredient sourcing. This is vital for a brand that produces almond milk, as this industry has also been linked with unsustainable practices.

Plus, it’s also consistently striving to build a more eco-friendly supply chain by working towards goals like more recyclable packaging and zero-waste manufacturing.

Califia Farms’ best vegan products 

If you want to taste Califia Farms’ creamy dairy-free beverages for yourself, good news: its products are stocked in grocery stores across the US. But which ones are the best? Arguably, they’re all delicious, but here are some of our favorites.

Cookies n Creme Creamer Califia Farms

1 Cookies ‘n Crème Almond Creamer

Crushed chocolate cookies and vanilla ice cream are always a delicious combination, but when they’re mixed into an almond creamer? They really excel. There’s no doubt this creamer, which debuted earlier this year to much fanfare, is best served with plenty of ice and a double shot.

Organic Lavender Creamer Califia Farms

2 Organic Lavender Almond Creamer 

Lavender? In a creamer? We hear you, it’s not the most common flavor choice, but arguably it should be, and this new creamer from Califia Farms is the proof. The flavor is part of the brand’s new range of organic creamers (other flavors include Brown Sugar and Vanilla).

Matcha Almondmilk Califia Farms

3 Matcha Almond Latte

Matcha fans will know that whipping up a matcha latte from scratch can be a little time-consuming. Plus, you have to have the right equipment on hand, too (a matcha whisk, of course). But with Califia Farms’ Matcha Almond Latte all you have to do to get your matcha fix is grab and go.

Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer Califia Farms

4 Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer

Move fast if you want to get your hands on this delectable Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer, because it’s only available for a limited time. The flavor is incredibly accurate, so strawberry fans: this one is for you.

VegNews.CalifiaFarmsCalifia Farms

5 Toasted Coconut Almondmilk

If you can’t choose between coconut and almond, then Califia Farms says you don’t have to—this blended beverage has the best of both. It’s also soy-free, gluten-free, lower in calories than many other milk options, and it’s a source of calcium. If you prefer your milk to just come from one single plant-based source though, the brand also has plenty of other oat, almond, and coconut-based choices.
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VegNews.CalifiaFarms3Califia Farms

6 Cookie Butter Almond Creamer 

Califia Farms is known for its range of creative, innovative creamer flavors, like S’mores Oat Creamer and this delicious Cookie Butter Almond Creamer. The indulgent flavor is definitely at its best when it’s blended into an iced latte, but it’s also delicious in a milkshake, too (we recommend adding bananas and cookie pieces into the mix!).
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VegNews.CalifiaFarms5Califia Farms

7 Vanilla Oat Barista Blend 

While most of Califia Farms’ milks and creamers will taste great in coffee, its Barista Blend is designed specifically to be steamed and frothed in hot beverages. Think along the lines of flat whites, cappuccinos, and lattes. While the brand has several options, including plain Oat Barista Blend and Original Almond Barista Blend, we love the sweetness of this Vanilla Oat option.
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VegNews.CalifiaFarms4Califia Farms

8 Pure Black Blonde Roast 

Milky, creamy coffees are indulgent, sure. But sometimes, you can’t beat the flavor of a rich and unsweetened cold brew coffee. This mellow blend by Califia Farms is designed to be enjoyed straight over ice, but if you prefer something stronger, there is also a Pure Black Iced Coffee option and Pure Black Medium Roast.
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VegNews.CalifiaFarms6Califia Farms

9 Heavy Whip

If you’ve spent ages baking a delicious vegan pie, then arguably the best way to serve is with a generous dose of whipped cream. While most whipped creams on the market are made with dairy, Califia Farms offers its own Heavy Whip so you can make delicious, homemade whipped cream.
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VegNews.CalifiaFarms7Califia Farms

10 Salted Caramel With Almondmilk

If you’re not a fan of strong black coffee, but love a pre-made caffeinated beverage, then Califia Farms also has you covered with its range of bottled lattes and mochas. This small bottle of Salted Caramel Almond Latte is perfectly creamy, sweet, and indulgent and ideal for popping in your bag ready for a midday pick-me-up.
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