Health + Wellness

8 Reasons This Physician Recommends You Drop the Keto Diet and Go Vegan 

A medical doctor spills the beans on the health hazards of the trendy keto diet.


Food + Recipes

Celebrate World Vegan Day With These 10 Indulgent Eats from Around the Globe 

This World Vegan Day, we’re touring the globe—with international flavors from Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches to Spanish Paella.


Food + Recipes

5 Terrifying Ingredients Hidden in Halloween Candy That Are Scarier Than Zombies 

Halloween candies hide secrets more terrifying than the most gruesome horror flicks. Here’s how to make sure your trick-or-treat bag is full of treats, not tricks. 


Food + Recipes

10 Spooky Vegan Treats to Get You in the Mood for Halloween 

We’re diving into the season of goblins and monsters by indulging in scary treats from chocolate skulls to ghostly cake pops.


Food + Recipes

It’s “Give Your Colleague a Vegan Chocolate” Day! … Kind Of 

It’s Office Chocolate Day, and we’re going big. Even the most buttoned-up bosses will be charmed by these irresistible, cruelty-free treats.


Food + Recipes

A Pop-Up Neighborhood in NYC Just Changed Vegan Food Forever

From flaming aquafaba to plant-based brisket, the Vegandale fall festival delivered the ultimate vegan fantasy foods.


Food + Recipes

10 Secretly Vegan Foods You Can Find at Trader Joe’s This Fall 

We’ve done all the hard work and found secretly vegan Trader Joe’s treasures from Candy Corn Popcorn to Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. You’re welcome.

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Vegan Food Guides

7 Quirky Vegan Burritos To Make You Rethink Your Favorite Meal

From Asian-influenced and Greek to Indian and pizza-inspired, there are flavors from around the world waiting to be incorporated into your favorite tortilla.


Food + Recipes

The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Getting Your Fall Pumpkin Spice Fix 

Autumn ushers in a sweet and spicy array of pumpkin-flavored treats to enjoy as days grow cooler. 


Health + Wellness

Great Gut Health, No Bones About It

The bone broth craze has hit fever pitch as people sip to soothe their stomachs, but the truly curative tonics for your tummy are vegan.


Food + Recipes

15 Must-Try Vegan Fall Recipes


Food + Recipes

10 Fall-Inspired Desserts We’re Indulging in on National Dessert Day



5 Must-Make Vegan Lattes Perfect for Fall 

Slow down a bustling, fall morning and be sure to get your java fix with these non-pumpkin lattes.


Food + Recipes

How to Celebrate Oktoberfest, Vegan Style

Beers, bars, brats, and Berlin are on the menu for our perfect Oktoberfest celebration.


Food + Recipes

The 20 Vegan Burgers to Eat Before You Die

VegNews was on a mission to find the most outrageous plant-based burgers in America, and these 20 are so good, you almost won’t need fries to go along with.

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