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These 7 Scottish Vegan Foods Are Making Their Way to America 

From sour cream broccoli chips (trust us on this one) to creamy, melty cheese, we’re chomping at the bit for these vegan Scottish eats. 


Food + Recipes

Get Your Celebrity Fix at These 16 Vegan Restaurants

From Miley Cyrus to Kevin Smith and Zac Effron, make your reservations at these vegan hot spots to dine amongst the entertainment elite.  


Food + Recipes

Getting Baked in Burlington: 12 Vegan Sweet Spots to Try 

From maple sugar-coated sourdough doughnuts to flaky chocolate croissants, Burlington, VT has even more to offer than non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s.  


Food + Recipes

The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Getting Your Fall Pumpkin Spice Fix 

Autumn ushers in a sweet and spicy array of pumpkin-flavored treats to enjoy as days grow cooler. 



Grey’s Anatomy Star Alex Blue Davis Dishes on His Favorite LA Vegan Eats 

When dining out, this actor loves digging into dishes such as vegan Buffalo chicken, tempeh tuna melts, and jackfruit tikka masala. 


Food + Recipes

The Best Raw Vegan CBD Chocolate Is Made In the Heart of Dairy Country

Raw Chocolatier Kyle Burroughs is turning dairy-loving Vermonters into vegan chocolate purists. 


Food + Recipes

9 Vegan S’mores You Can Make Inside 

From pie to icebox cake, you’ll be obsessed with these indoor s’mores.  

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Food + Recipes

5 Ways We’re Willing to Eat Cooked Avocado

Why mess with a good thing? For the sheer joy of eating more avocado, that’s why!


Food + Recipes

9 Unbelievably Awesome Uses for Cauliflower

You’d never guess how many healthy meals can be made with one simple, star vegetable!


Food + Recipes

These 6 Sugars Are Totally Vegan (Not Every Sugar Is!)

If you’re craving something sweet and have a hankering for baking, then be sure to fill up your cabinets with these baking essentials.  


Food + Recipes

5 Reasons Why I Eat the Beyond Burger (Spoiler Alert: It Has Nothing to Do With Nutrition)  


Food + Recipes

10 Vegan Snacks at Whole Foods You’re About to Become Obsessed With



The Untold (Vegan) Story of Baskin-Robbins

The son of the ice cream behemoth chose veganism over inventing the 32nd flavor. In this VegNews exclusive, John Robbins reveals what it’s like to walk away from an ice cream cone-shaped swimming pool.  


Food + Recipes

6 Ways Vegan Restaurants Can Better Support Their Community  

From planting trees to welcoming omnivores, restaurants around the globe can learn a few tricks from progressive vegan restaurant, Fig + Farro. 


Food + Recipes

The Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Washington, DC 

No matter where one stands on the political spectrum, we can all cast a vote in favor of DC’s spectacular vegan eats.  

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