Health + Wellness

The Complete Vegan Guide to Digestive Enzymes

From treating chronic illness to maximizing digestion, enzymes help our bodies make the most of what we eat. 


Food + Recipes

How Food Trucks Are Revolutionizing the Vegan Movement 

If you want to celebrate National Food Truck Day on June 28, here’s an insider tip: you can get a free vegan meal if you’re one of the first in line at these trucks.  


Food + Recipes

The Hottest Vegan Restaurants In the Country’s Hottest City

Nachos, noodles, and everything in between—satisfy any vegan craving in Phoenix, AZ. 


Food + Recipes

9 High-End Restaurants You Didn’t Know Were Vegan-Friendly 

From London to Los Angeles, restaurateurs have realized that plants deserve a seat at the fine-dining table.  


Today's Top Stories

Top 10 Vegan Summer Products from VegNews’ New Products Editor 

From cookie dough ice cream sandwiches to cheddar bacon chips, VegNews’ Sarah McLaughlin dishes on her favorite product picks to guarantee the tastiest summer ever.   


Food + Recipes

What Roy Choi, Top Chef Alumni, and Other Celebrity Chefs Have Planned for This Year’s “Vegan Coachella”

Saucy, vegan tofu burritos; eggplant caponata; and nitro vanilla ice cream are all on the menu at Eat Drink Vegan. 


Food + Recipes

Inside the New Orlando Vegan Fast-Food Eatery from Fine Dining Master Matthew Kenney

Vegan chef Matthew Kenney’s 17-ingredient burger and housemade soft-serve are made for the masses—even the non-vegan kind.  

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Food + Recipes

Can These 20 Vegan Doughnuts Heal America?

Well no, but they will make you feel better for a minute.


Festivals + Events

This Beachside Avocado Festival is Bursting With Vegan Eats

From avocado margaritas to avocado tacos fried in avocado oil, you’ll be sure to get your avo fix—without paying extra.  


Food + Recipes

Vegan History of National Doughnut Day 

This food holiday is legit—and we have the Salvation Army to thank for it. 


Food + Recipes

9 Things This Vegan Learned on a Willy Wonka Tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory


Food + Recipes

11 Stellar Vegan Jackfruit Recipes


Food + Recipes

7 Kid-Approved Vegan Options for Classic Kid Food

From vegan chicken nuggets to boxed mac and cheese, even the pickiest of eaters will ask for seconds.  



10 Vegan Hacks for Your Favorite Fast-Food Joints

From Impossible Whoppers to a vegetarian menu at Taco Bell, eating vegan has never been faster.  


Food + Recipes

10 Tips for Vegans to Save Big at the Grocery Store 

Saving money isn’t about sacrifice or sales; get all you need without forking over your paycheck with these simple hacks.  

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Food + Recipes

12 Vegan-Friendly Baseball Stadiums Winning the Snack Game


Food + Recipes

5 Low-Calorie Vegan Ice Cream Pints You Need in Your Freezer 


Health + Wellness

8 Vegan Yogic Foods to Jumpstart Wellness in Yourself and the Planet 



The Essential Vegan Guide to Trader Joe’s


Food + Recipes

America by the Slice: 9 Must-Try Vegan Pizzerias in the US

vegan caramel pecan cinnamon rolls | RECIPE on

Food + Recipes

13 Best Vegan Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes



Turns Out, Cows Love Being Mamas. This Mother’s Day, Let’s Celebrate That Fact (and No Longer Eat Them).



6 Reasons Why Vegan Restaurant Week Should Be Every Week


Food + Recipes

5 Next-Level Margaritas (and Vegan Snacks) Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

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