Pi Day is one of the most underappreciated and unrecognized holidays. Honored by pi(e)-lovers every March 14, the unofficial holiday was first coined by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988 to celebrate pi—the mathematical constant of 3.14. March 14 also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday—coincidence, we think not.

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Today, middle school teachers and pie aficionados everywhere celebrate by indulging in pies of all kinds—pizza pie, fruit pie, cottage pie, hand pies … it’s all fair game. In honor of one of our favorite food holidays (and to raise a glass to Einstein—who was a vegetarian, after all), we’ve done a deep dive to find the 14 most drool-worthy vegan pies to spark excitement for Pi Day. But before that, just how do you make a pie vegan?

Is pie crust vegan?

Traditionally, pie crust isn’t vegan, because it’s usually made with butter or lard. That said, however, it’s easy to replace this with a plant-based alternative, like vegan butter or vegetable oil. (For vegan butter alternatives, check out our comprehensive guide!)

What pies are vegan?

When it comes to vegan pie filling, there are plenty of options. Most fruit pies are easy to make plant-based (as long as you swap out the butter). And with cream pies, you can rely on ingredients like tofu or cashews to replace dairy. For meringue, aquafaba is a good egg replacement. For more tips and advice, follow our guide to making any pie vegan. 

14 vegan pies for Pi Day

If you don’t fancy whipping up a pie in the kitchen this Pi Day, that’s totally fine, because all of these options are available to buy now, plus they’re delicious too. Happy munching!

VegNews.veganpies.vegantreatsVegan Treats

1 Pies From Vegan Treats

Bethlehem, PA

This award-winning vegan bakery showcases all the tastes and textures in its range of indulgent and addictive vegan pies. Good luck choosing between flavors like Blueberry Crumb, Coconut Cream, Pecan, and French Silk.

VegNews.bananacreampie.veggiegalaxyVeggie Galaxy

2 Banana Cream Pie From Veggie Galaxy

Cambridge, MA

Even those on Team Cake can get on board the pie train with this creamy sweet treat. Made by a longstanding vegan diner, this classic features banana butter coconut custard, fresh bananas, whipped cream, and nutmeg. Welcome to Team Pie.

VegNews.MagpiesFriedPieMagpies Softserve

3 Fried Soft-Serve Ice Cream Pie From Magpies Softserve

Los Angeles and Tarzana, CA

This vegan-friendly soft-serve shop whips up some of the most unique pies we’ve ever had. The kitchen concocts seasonal variations on its ice cream pies, but as tempting as they are, we can’t kick our fried pie habit. This delicious monstrosity of creamy, crunchy, salt-meets-sweet goodness starts with a graham cracker crust lined with fudge sauce which is then filled with corn almond soft-serve, topped with homemade vegan honeycomb, whipped cream, and fried candied cornflakes. These pies are available by the slice and whole (if you pre-order) at all three Magpies locations.

VegNews.veganblueberry.pieholeThe Pie Hole

4 Vegan Blueberry Pecan Crumble Pie From The Pie Hole

Tempe, AZ & Southern California

Blueberry pie often gets overlooked, but The Pie Hole does this flavor justice. Each slice or whole pie features perfectly crimped, thick crust edges and a scattering of sweet crumble that’s light enough for the blueberry filling to truly shine. Pick up a pie at or order online for nationwide delivery.



5 Frozen pies from Wholly Wholesome


For all-natural baked goods, including delicious pies, Wholly Wholesome should be one of your first ports of call. Its cherry, blueberry, apple, and dairy-free pumpkin pies are all totally vegan, plus they’re conveniently frozen, too.


Pop Pie Co.

6 Roasted Veggies and Yellow Curry Hand Pie From Pop Pie Co.

San Diego and Costa Mesa, CA

This Aussie hand pie company has branched out into both sweet and savory plant-based options. Southern California residents can stop by its Costa Mesa or San Diego locations to stock up on delicious Classic Veggie Pot Pies. No judgment if you eat two in one sitting. Don’t live in the SoCal area? Pop Pie Co. Executive Chef Gan Suebsarakham shared his secrets to making the perfect vegan pie crust.

VegNews.ThePieBarThe Pie Bar

7 Marionberry Pie From The Pie Bar

Long Beach, CA

If you’ve never had a marionberry pie before, you need to make your way to this quaint community pie shop. With multiple sweet and savory vegan options, this bakery makes it possible to eat pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Swing by on Pi Day for deals on slices and whole pies to go.


Dangerously Delicious

8 Ratatouille Pie From Dangerously Delicious Pies

Washington, DC

You won’t miss the meat (or vegan meat alternative) in this dense, flavor-packed, savory vegetable pie. This pie bakery offers a number of plant-based options for anyone craving something sweet or savory packed into a flaky pie crust. Stop by the store or order for nationwide shipping via Goldbelly.


9 Apple Crumb Pie From Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

Laguna Hills, CA

If you’re not based in Southern California, don’t panic—you can still get a taste of this exquisite apple pie thanks to nationwide shipping. Free of gluten and refined sugar, this sweet-and-tart pie doesn’t taste like a health food.

VegNews.FYHCafeFollow Your Heart Market & Cafe

10 “Chicken Pot Pie” From Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe

Canoga Park, CA

This vegan institution is better known for its Vegenaise, but locals flock to this 54-year-old market and cafe for its hearty, diner-style eats. The individually sized vegan chicken pot pies are a popular choice on the expansive menu. While you’re at it, order a slice of the many sweet pies for dessert.

VegNews.vegankeylimepieSouthern Sweets

11 Vegan Key Lime Pie From Southern Sweets Bakery

Decatur, GA

This Georgia bakery makes a truly delicious vegan version of the quintessential American classic, Key Lime Pie. Find it at Atlanta’s Cafe Sunflower or go straight to GA bakery to buy the whole pie.

12 Vegan Coconut Cream Pie from Kravs 

Lucas, TX

With a rich, sweet, indulgent coconut cream filling and a flaky crust, this vegan coconut cream pie from Kravs is hard to beat. The hand pies are sold in quantities of six, so you can enjoy them with friends this Pi Day (or keep them for yourself, we’re not judging). Not in Texas? Get one delivered to your door with nationwide shipping.

VegNews.berrycrumblepie.yvonnesvegankitchenYvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

13 Berry Crumble Pie from Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Filled with tangy delicious berries, this vegan, gluten-free pie from Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen is best served warm with a generous portion of vegan vanilla ice cream on the side. It’s big enough to serve 10 to 12 people (but if you want to eat it all yourself, we’re not judging).
Find it here

VegNews.SizzlepieSizzle Pie

14 Vegan pizza

Let’s not forget, in the US, a pizza is considered a pie, too! Indulge in all that savory, cheesy goodness this Pi Day by grabbing a plant-based pizza from your local veg-friendly pizzeria or grocery store. Click below for our guide to vegan-friendly pizza restaurants, or check out our guide to vegan pizza delivery.

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