Vegan Weddings 2008

Vegan Weddings 2008

Meet eight modern couples who blended their ethics with their nuptials.


From the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains to the sun-dappled City by the Bay, vegan weddings are becoming the new standard for progressive would-be marrieds. Meet eight couples who blended their ethics with their nuptials, with lovely—and delicious—results.

We give you our 2008 Vegan Wedding Couples!
Dawnielle Patino & Thomas Gerard Selden (Laguna Beach, CA)
Doh Driver & Dennis Buffaloe (Seattle, WA)
Amanda Moeckel & Jon Christopher Callender (Worcester, MA)
Sharon Troy & Tim Moore (San Francisco, CA)
Marisa Miller & David Wolfson (New York City, NY)
Rebecca Collura & Ali Aslam (Lincoln, MA)
Kimberly Nevitt & James Pizzirusso (Worcester, MA)
Antonia Glenn & Scott Horstein (Crockett, CA)

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