Remedy Throat Spray

Remedy Throat Spray

Kick that throat tickle in the butt with a tonsil-soothing spray of this all-natural remedy.

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Throat feeling kind of funky? Yeah, ours too. Just in time for the wintertime sick season, Pharmacist’s Remedy Nip-It throat spray arrived at the VNHQ, and guess what? We think it might actually work. This orange-colored elixir is loaded with vitamins B, C, and zinc, and is bolstered by the addition of echinacea. The combo cured at least one staffer’s achy throat, and might have helped ward off cooties by bolstering the immune systems of the other staffers who gave it a whirl. Next time that irritating itch rears its head, give your throat a few squirts and see if some healing magic doesn’t happen.

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