NY Times Exposes Meat Trade

Article tells the story of a woman paralyzed by E. coli, exposes the dangers of eating beef.

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An article published Sunday in The New York Times details the risks of eating beef by documenting the tragic story of 22-year-old Stephanie Smith, who was left paralyzed from the waist down after eating an E. coli-tainted hamburger. Smith, a former children’s dance instructor, contracted the disease two years ago at a family barbecue. Within a week of eating the contaminated beef she was rushed to a local hospital, transferred to the Mayo Clinic due to intense seizures, and finally induced into a life-saving coma. When Smith awoke nine weeks later, she was paralyzed; the E. coli had devastated her nervous system. Cargill produced the tainted hamburger meat, and the article exposes the harsh reality of meat-production.