Veggie Award Exclusive

Veg-savvy and delightfully sassy Ecorazzi to feature 12 of the 2009 Veggie Award winners tomorrow!

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We’ve got some big, dare we say huge, news! It’s official: The 2009 Veggie Awards Issue has been shipped to subscribers. That means for those lucky readers, you’re merely moments away from finding out the winners of the biggest Veggie Awards ever. Get ready to revel in the best of all things veg, both hand-picked by our hard-working editors and tallied from nearly 35,000 reader votes (we told you it was huge!). The issue hits newsstands November 1, but if you can’t wait any longer head over to Ecorazzi tomorrow, Friday the 16th, for an exclusive sneak peek at the winners. This is a scoop you don’t want to miss—we promise!