Chocolate Almond Toffee

For a sweet gift idea, or just a sweet indulgence, look no further than Allison’s Gourmet.

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With Thanksgiving crossed off the list, the holiday season is in full-swing, meaning one thing: ample vegan confections ready for guilt-free consumption. What better way to celebrate than with festive, nostalgia-inspiring treats from a vegan company with a rockin’ new website? Delicious with a mug of hot cocoa or homemade pumpkin-spiced coffee, Allison’s Gourmet’s Chocolate Almond Toffee hits the mark. Rich toffee and toasted almonds make a perfect pair, calling on the classic combo of sweet and salty. Drizzled with a thin layer of organic dark chocolate on top, you have one fancy treat perfect for your holiday tin or lucky friend. If we received a batch of this decadent dessert for the holidays, we wouldn’t be mad. We’re just sayin’.

To celebrate the holidays and Allison’s gorgeous new site, we’re giving away a mouthwatering vegan confection package with your name on it. Think chocolate-almond toffee, vanilla caramels, spiced peanut brittle, peppermint patties, and peanut butter cups. Yeah, you heard us. Simply tell us your favorite holiday treat (Soy nog? Christmas cookies? Peppermint cupcakes?), and we’ll randomly select one winner to receive this sumptuous box of candy. Good luck!

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