This Week’s Giveaway: Divvies Dessert Box

From cookies to kettle corn, this box of treats has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

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If you weren’t the lucky winner of our huge, vegan dessert giveaway on Facebook, don’t fret—we have another sweet prize for you, courtesy of dairy-free bakery Divvies. This charming gift box comes complete with enough goodies to satisfy any craving, including its signature semisweet chocolate chips, perfect for noshing straight from the bag or baking in your next batch of cookies. Not enough? Enjoy four Benjamint Crunch bars (dark chocolate accented with peppermint candies), sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and a bag of the VN staff’s favorite Kettle Corn. For your chance to win this amazing box of treats, just tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite vegan cookie?

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