Tofurky and Gravy Soda

Jones Soda releases a new holiday flavor created especially for vegan Thanksgiving tables.

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Getting into the holiday spirit, Jones Soda just released a new vegan-friendly soda flavor, Tofurky and Gravy. Known best for its unique marketing and eco-friendly products, Jones Soda teamed up with Tofurky, makers of the classic bird-free feasts, to create the festive, 100 percent vegan imbiber. The unique soda is one of many limited edition holiday specials that the company rolls out every year. In 2003, it introduced Turkey and Gravy soda, and while the ingredients were also vegan-friendly, the flavor wasn’t released the following year. The company is encouraging vegans and omnivores alike to taste test its latest concoction, and it will donate a dollar from every purchase to the Progressive Animal Welfare Society.