Cover Crystal Ball

Can you tell our cover from a counterfeit?

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Can you see the future? If you can correctly identify which of these two stunning images will be our March+April cover, you just might be a tad clairvoyant. We already know which one is which, but we’re not telling until the issue hits newsstands and arrives in mailboxes later this month. What we want to know is, which of our top-two finalists do you find most compelling? And which one do you think we selected? Here’s a little hint: this is our Future of Vegetarianism Issue. So what do you think? Does the future of food look a lot more colorful and way more fun than plain old potatoes—aka cover #1—or does the sleek, modern appeal of all-white with a punch of luscious greens—that would be cover #2, for those keeping track—best embody the ideal veg future? Tell us your pick in the comments section below. The issue hits newsstands soon, so keep your eyes peeled to see if you have a future in the fortune-telling business.

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