Primal Strips

It’s OK. It’s perfectly natural. When the primal urge strikes, don’t fight it.

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When you really want something you can sink your teeth into, nothing satisfies quite like jerky. Of course, we’d never be caught dead with actual beef, and thankfully there are plenty of animal-free jerkies out there. We’ve long been fans of Primal Strips here at the VNHQ, but when we caught a glimpse of the company’s new packaging, we fell even more in love. First, the plastic used to double-seal the gluten-free, extra-tasty jerky is totally biodegradable. Oh, and maybe it mentions a certain magazine we all know and love. While we’re sure that “snapping” into a Primal Strip would be in breach of some sort of trademark, we definitely think you’ll want to chomp happily away on these yummy, meat-free treats.

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