Silverstone’s New Veg Book

Alicia Silverstone to release a book that will have you asking how kind your diet is.

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Of all the words we typically use to describe American diets, “kind” is just not one you hear all too often. But that’s about to change, thanks to Alicia Silverstone’s yet-to-be-released diva diet book. In The Kind Diet, which is set to hit shelves this fall, Silverstone dishes a three-step wellness program in addition to 75 macrobiotic and vegan recipes. Following in the footsteps of Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, this long-time vegan and animal-rights advocate aims to address the physical, emotional, and environmental effects of our diets, thereby encouraging people to make more compassionate choices. So, if you haven’t updated your reading list already, now’s the time to go ahead and jot this one down!

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