Exotic Ketchups

Fries will never be the same, thanks to these sweet, spicy, and decidedly fancy ketchups.

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Sometimes you just don’t want to mess with a classic, but there are those rare occasions when a staple gets a makeover that leaves you asking, “How come no one thought of this before?” Dulcet Cuisine’s Exotic Ketchups undoubtedly fall into the latter category. With ingredients like ginger, cumin, and Guajillo chiles, the Mild Indian Curry, Peppery Moroccan, and Sweet Orange Chile flavors add a new dimension of spice to tried-and-true tomato sauce. We slathered all three flavors over fries, but we’re also convinced you could add whichever one strikes your fancy to your next batch of Pad Thai, Sloppy Joe’s, or any other dish in need of an oh-so-subtle kick in the pants.

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