Starbucks’ Gluten-free Goods

Starbucks expands its offerings and audience with first gluten-free goody.

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With most of its menu items infamously far from free, Starbucks’ latest baked good is certainly free of one thing: gluten. For about two dollars, customers can now purchase a 100 percent gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake sold in an individually wrapped package. Although vegetarian, the cake does contain eggs, so if you’re looking for something vegan to go with your triple-mocha-latte-double-espresso-Frappuccino, you’ll have to stick with the oatmeal or fresh fruit for now. But that’s not to say that this new item appeared out of nowhere; in fact, it was supplied, like most things, upon demand. Starbucks’ website conveniently allows customers to submit ideas for how to improve the company and its menu. How about more cruelty-free coffee companions? Just to throw one out there…

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