COK Targets Teens With New Ad

Compassion Over Killing has just been awarded for its attention-grabbing commercial.

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MTV-watchers are normally seen as nonchalant teens who spend their days doing, well, whatever it is that teens do. It turns out that this demographic is also compassionate and takes notice. After more than a million views on MTV, Compassion Over Killing’s commercial, “A Side of Truth,” opened viewers’ eyes to the benefits of becoming vegetarian. A powerful commercial combined with an overwhelmingly positive response made for an inevitable award-winning formula. “A Side of Truth” has just been awarded a 2009 DoGooder TV Nonprofit Video Award. In the commercial, a young woman pulls up to a drive-through and orders fast-food fare. The drive-through worker responds with a slew of information about how pigs, chickens, and cows are mistreated in order to provide animal food products. It makes one think: what if we were served a side of truth with our meals?