Fit Felines and Canines

Workout sessions are no longer for only humans.

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As obsessed as humans are with fitness and weight, we are not the only ones who need to be concerned. Along with their overweight guardians, cats and dogs are also putting on extra pounds. Dr. Robert Kushner, an obesity expert and professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, says that dogs pick up the activity and eating habits of their human companions. Like Kushner, people have taken action to halt animal weight-gain by writing fitness guides for animals and humans, developing doggie gyms, and even “doga” (dog yoga). It’s easier to help dogs lose weight, as they are more willing to play fetch or go for a walk with humans, but cats tend to overeat and under-exercise. To help get cats involved in your workouts, celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson suggests tying a toy around dumbbells or using a flashlight while doing crunches to grab cats’ attention and get them moving. If desperation knocks, take cats in hand and use them as weights, as can be seen on the entertaining