Mills Veg Empire

Heather Mills overhauls meat-centered restaurant into a vegan paradise.

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With hopes of appealing to vegetarians and meat eaters alike, Heather Mills, a former model and wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is opening a vegan restaurant, V-Bites, in England this July. Mills, 41, signed a deal with Big Fish Café on March 13 to makeover the restaurant into a fun, healthy, and plant-based eatery. She has been working on a menu with items that will draw in all types of customers, saying, “what is definitely going to shock people is the meat replacements.” “They have a real meat taste to them,” she says. Whether vegetarians will enjoy the “real meat taste” will be seen upon the eatery’s opening, but kudos to Mills and her team for creating this soon-to-be veg destination.