New Vegan Logo

UK company modernizes the vegan symbol for a more reliable definition of vegan products.

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Labels can be misleading. That’s why Plamil, a UK-based producer of vegan chocolates and mayonnaise, removed the Vegan Society’s trademark symbol and replaced it with a modernized version. The Vegan Society, a non-profit organization in England that provides a logo to companies they certify, allows for products to be labeled as vegan with an accompanying statement that says: ‘may contain milk/eggs/fish’ for companies who may not be able to ensure their products are animal-free (mostly due to processing on shared equipment). Plamil prides itself on its “free-from” standards, manufacturing products that are dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made in a nut-free factory. It hopes its updated label will assure customers that its products are made to the highest vegan standards.