ADA Says Veg Diet is Healthy

An updated medical stance validates that vegetarian diets are indeed adequately healthy.

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Vegetarians and vegans are often bombarded with questions and accusations that their diets aren’t whole enough. Now veg-heads can put the kibosh on the questioning. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has just released an updated statement on vegetarian diets in the July issue of its journal that solidifies the facts: vegetarian and vegan diets, when appropriately planned, are “healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” The ADA also confirms that a veg diet is healthy at all stages of life, from infancy to adulthood. Based on information collected in the ADA Evidence Analysis Library, the ADA additionally verifies that vegetarians tend to have a lower body mass index and lower overall cancer rates, along with a slew of other benefits. With the strength of the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals behind you, continue to fly your veg flag high!